YT capra carbon wheel issues-
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    YT capra carbon wheel issues

    A friend of mine has a 4 month old capra that was supplies with dt swiss xm1200 spline carbon wheels. The bike doesn't get used that much as he has 6 other bikes, it was bought primarily for enduro use and trips to the alps. A couple of weeks ago whilst playing on some.trails at a trail centre the back wheel failed completely. It looks like a stress fracture starting at a spoke hole. The bike had been ridden approximately 6 times as he has a jeffsy for general trail riding. my friend is nearly 50 and about 12 Stone, he's not super heavy or an aggressive rider (scared of jumps!) If this had happened in the alps it could have been quite serious and at the least resulted in a very long walk! YT have completely refused to offer any help with the problem despite this being his 3rd bike from them. So if you have a carbon wheeled YT, particularly with DT swiss spline XM 1200 wheels, I would check them regularly and pray they don't fail!
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    What did DT say? Are you blaming YT cuz that's what they picked as a rim?

    Carbon does not have a fatigue factor so the failed for a reason. Manufacturing is a DT problem. Rim strike is user error...

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    No rim strike, bike was being ridden by a competent rider. We'd been riding at a UK trail centre in the wet so we were not going flat out by any means and we're riding what could be classed as relatively tame trails and the third rider in our group was on a ktm xc bike. The capra was the "biggest" bike of the 3.

    We'd just ridden a rooty section with a drop off when we noticed the capra rear wheel was badly buckled but still holding air. Close investigation revealed what looks to be a stress fracture radiating from a spoke hole down the side wall. No impact damage.
    The issue is that yt have specified a trail wheel on an enduro bike and regardless of whether the failure was caused by a manufacturing defects, the liability for remedy lies with the vendor of the item with whom the buyer has a contract so YT. YT have completely fobbed my friend off and he's a customer who has bought 3 bikes from them. I suspect in part that this may be due to the realisation they have screwed up in supplying these wheels on an enduro bike and that if they admit liability Italy open floodgates for similar claims?
    Whatever, they have supplied a bike with a wheel set which according to DT swiss useage charts is not fit for purpose and have then refused to warranty them. Pretty poor.
    On the plus side DT swiss have agreed to replace the rim direct as a gesture of goodwill however my friend will not be putting them back on the capra and is replacing them with a dedicated enduro wheel set.
    So if you have DT swiss xm1200 spline wheels on your capra, check them regularly and if you ride hard, consider whether a trail wheel is the right wheel for you!

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