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    Raising stem

    Has anyone raised their stem with the acros spacers? I have one spacer above the stem Iíd like to put it below the stem to lift them a little. But the steerer tube seems short and may not be ok with itó Iíd like to keep the Turbine bars but may loom for a 40mm riser if I canít make the stem rise work.

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    Before I rode my bike I put both spacers under the stem.

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    Moving spacers from over to under is normal and if it fits over the stem, it will fit under. That's one of the cool things that makes aheadsets easy, you can experiment with spacers before you settle on your best height and cut the steerer tube.
    Just make sure you know how to torque the preload bolt and the stem clamp bolts. The preload bolt (the one that goes into the middle of the steerer tube) only needs to be tight enough to remove play from the fork. Don't overtighten it. After you get that with the stem loose, the two stem bolts clamp everything in place, those bolts need to be tighter. Sorry if you know this but I feel like I can't assume everyone knows these things.

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