Jeffsy CF Pro XL comfort - replacement seat / Stem length longer?-
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    Jeffsy CF Pro XL comfort - replacement seat / Stem length longer?

    I recently got on my new CF Pro (XL) and found that with my dimensions (6ft/183cm tall, 34in/86cm inseam,pant leg length) I have a lot of pressure on my seat bones, as if I'm sitting too upright. This is mostly when I'm on flats vs. climbing. I want to push my hips back another inch or so but just don't have the backward seat length real estate to do it. This makes sense given the steep seat tube and the 637 top tube length. Two solutions I'm looking at: definitely replacing the stock SDG seat with something more cushioned and longer (maybe the Ergon SMC4 Comp Gel) which is 34mm longer, and 24 mm wider. AND/OR lengthening the stem from the stock 50mm to 60 or 70... Questions: #1 has anyone had to switch out the seat for something more comfortable. If so, any good suggestions? #2 Has anyone tried replacing the stem with something longer, and how much longer might might I go (if at all) without causing the handling going out of wack. // My weight is 185 and I've already tried pushing the SDG seat back to the "Min.", all-the-way-back position. Thanks.

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    Sounds like you need to update your saddle first. The SDG that comes stock is really narrow. Ergon is a good starting point. A good LBSS will be able to measure your sitbone distance to get the right size. One common misconception is that you need a softer saddle. What you need is support in the right place!

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    Second that, the stock saddle is way too narrow for bigger dudes. I went to a Fabric Scoop (there's different width options) and it's light years better. All day rides are no problem.

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