• 10-01-2018
    Jeffsy AL OE chainring replacement?
    what size chainring are you using to replace the OE RF 32T chainring?
  • 10-03-2018
    Mine's not quite ready to replace yet but it's almost there, I'll probably go 30t when I do. Most of my climbing is spinning up long gravel roads and descending is steep, not very pedally. I don't care about pedaling at high speed, but sure as hell wouldn't mind a little helping hand every now and again on the climbs.
  • 10-06-2018
    You forgot about wheel size, and so did YT. A 29" with 32T will have the same gearing as a 27.5" with 34T. My friend recently got a 27.5 Jeffsey and we were disappointed that it came with a 32. Since my Capra 29 came with a 32 we assumed the 27.5 would have a 34. The stock chain is too short for a 34 so it will need to be replaced as well. My friend is gonna hold off for a bit but until then he's spending a lot of time spinning around in the little cogs. Some of you might not realize that means more friction, wear, and chain slap. Also, more chance of skipping when powering over high speed bumps.
  • 11-12-2018
    I went to a 28 on my 27.5 17, but I am much more worried about rock clearance than gear ratios where I ride