Jeffsy 27 CF - Shock Pressure & Harshness over choppy terrain-
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    Jeffsy 27 CF - Shock Pressure & Harshness over choppy terrain

    I've been riding my 2018 Jeffsy 27 CF for a few months now and have shock pressure/sag pretty dialed. I am 165-168 pounds in full gear and pressure in my RS Deluxe RT3 shock is anywhere from 125-135 PSI giving me sag range of 30-35%. Does this pressure range sound right for my weight? 125-135 seems very low to me, making me wonder if something is amiss with the shock. Riding machine made flow trails and jumping feels great, but when riding natural rugged terrain with lots of rocks and roots, the bike gets harsh very quickly, not to mention sudden impacts (even small ones) when riding fast. I am thinking about getting the shock custom tuned, but first want to be sure it's in good working order (hence my question regarding typical pressure range for my weight). What pressure do you all generally use in the rear?

    This may all sound very negative, but I am actually very happy with my Jeffsy 27. It fits me really well and I like the handling & geometry a lot AND love the poppyness. Jumping was never my strong suit and there the Jeffsy made a big difference for me. I am hopeful that some if not most of the harshness when riding choppy stuff can be solved by a custom tune.

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    I can't help much but that pessure seems very low. I have the CF Pro which has the fox shock and I run about 170 psi. I find it does well but I don't have a lot of experience to compait to. I'm about the same weight as you.

    You might want to check the forums on pink bike. There is a pretty active conversation over there on the Jeffsy 27.

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    Do you have any tokens installed in the shock? I found that shock to be worthless without tokens. It would ride super low climbing up hill, and completely blow through it's travel on anything that resembles a bump. Buy three and start with two (my bike didn't come with any).

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    Have to admit I did not check how many tokens, if any, are in the shock. I agree the shock uses its first 50-70% of travel rather easily, but then progression ramps up really well to prevent bottom outs and ensure nice controlled landings after larger jumps or drops (at least for me...biggest drops I dare to do are 3-4 foot to flat at absolute most). You may have a point in that the shock in my current setup is generally operating already too much in its mid-travel range when just riding along. I'll give it a try and play around with tokens. Thanks!

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