How are those press fit BB's holding out? Any other problems with the 2019 Jeffsy?-
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    How are those press fit BB's holding out? Any other problems with the 2019 Jeffsy?

    As you all know it's hard to ignor the 2019 Jeffsy Pro Race build and there are some year end deals in my size. It's more bike than I need but the value looks worth the step up.

    The press fit BB in general is a mild concern. Is the Jeffsy implementation holding up after a season? Any other concerns with the frame and build?

    I ride trails with tight turns and the wheels mostly stay on the ground, for now anyway. Lots of roots and rocks, more small bump then big hit.


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    No creaking or tapping on my 2019 Jeffsy CF Pro. Iím 11 months and 2300km in. Iíve pulled everything apart and the bb bearings are still running smooth. All in all itís been suprisingly quiet. Satisfied!

    Interestingly, I picked up my Pike fork and Deluxe shock from a seal service and the guy told me that the seals were unusually dry for a 1 year service. No permanent damage to the stanchions but odd nonetheless.

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    I've only had one summer (~4mo) on mine but no issues.

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    After 2 years I finally had to replace mine. Before then, no creaking or issues at all. Was pretty impressed.

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    Almost a year on my Pro Race and the bottom bracket is still quiet and smooth. I did have a lot of creaking early on, but found that this was due to most of the pivots bring dry -- greased them all and no issues since. A rep at YT mentioned that they had some issues with the builders being stingy with the grease, this was def the case with mine. Still loving it!

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    If you donít want to read this essay, please just go to the bottom and see if you can help.

    Iím just giving a friends 2018 carbon Jeffsy a bit of a service. Heíd bought it second hand and whilst it was a bargain, when I first serviced it, itíd clearly been ridden for its intended use in Scotland. I replaced the crumbled headset with a Hope one and a few other bits.

    I noticed his pedal inserts had gone on the Next carbon crank, he tried a warranty claim, but being second owner didnít have much clout, so he was offered a Turbine crank at a lower cost. I pleaded with him to bin the Raceface cranks, so we could put a decent BB in, but he went ahead and took their offer even though he couldíve had a ĎIt just worksí SLX or XT crank for much cheaper.

    It wasnít easy getting a BB92 41od x 30mm ID bottom bracket. He wasnít keen on paying out for a Wheels Manufacturing one, which to be fair looks similar to the Hope one in that neither of them make the inner shield which they do on their 24mm spindle versions. So itís just 2 bearings and cups.

    There were very few BBís in stock, the only choices being the above and a Rotor BB. We went with the Rotor. I had the bike again for a new cassette 6 weeks later and noticed the cranks were already rough. Inspected the BB and it was already well rusted and grinding.

    My mate wanted to carry on with it and itís kept going for about 3 months, but now one side is seized and the other is like a bag of spanners. I am actually trying to sell the crank and chainring for him, hopefully itíll sell and give enough to buy Shimano, but I have to plan for a new BB if his kit does t sell and again, thereís not much about or in stock.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a BB92 push fit 41mm x 30mm spindle that has some decent protection?

    I can only seem to find Hope and a Praxis available in the UK.

    Thanks guys.

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