First ride Jeffsy 2019 CF Pro-
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    First ride Jeffsy 2019 CF Pro

    First mt bike ride of the year, first ride on my Jeffsy.

    Everything is positive. I really like the bike.

    The ride began like all first Spring rides. I realized I was out of shape and was focusing on my lack of fitness. Halfway through the ride all the positive attributes of the bike just hit me and it was very satisfying.

    The snow is gone (for a day), the ground is soft which sucks energy. I pedaled up the "big hill" as poorly as I pedaled it last Spring. This is proof to me the bike climbs well! I made all the climbs. Oh yeah, I had the suspension wide open all the time.

    I surprisingly cleared all our jumps (the bike was super stable in the air), zero pedal strikes (no strikes didn't even occur to me until I pedaled through a long eroded trough and kept assuming I would hit a pedal). Fork is really plush. I never consciously thought about handling, which means it is fine.

    Saddle, handlebar, grips are all perfectly fine. Wheels were much lighter than I expected. The tires are what they are, chunky knobs, and I have no complaints.

    Overall a very pleasant evening. I am thrilled to have such a capable bike for the price paid.

    Me: typical thrasher who wishes he was a better rider.
    Bike: Tubeless, 25-27% rear sag, Using the PSI chart on the fork gave 20% sag. Low speed compression 3 clicks from zero. Rebound and handlebar width set to personal preference.

    First ride Jeffsy 2019 CF Pro-img_20190409_183047.jpg

    First ride Jeffsy 2019 CF Pro-img_20190409_183115.jpg
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    Awesome. Glad you like the bike. I'm still riding my 2017. AAnd still loving it
    More you beef it up, more it will handle like a cow....:skep:

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobiemario View Post
    Awesome. Glad you like the bike. I'm still riding my 2017. AAnd still loving it
    2017 is not that old.
    I have mine too and plan on keeping it for at least the next 4-6 years.
    Great bike indeed. I love it.

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    @cjohnson Glad you like the bike!

    I do plan to replace the tires. I do a lot of climbing and expect them to feel like anchors.

    I'm not the strongest rider so I'll probably go with some 2.3s.

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    Went to Bentonville, Ark over Easter. The bike was superb. Hit the dirt jumps, blue down hill runs, some skinnies, and XC. Great bike.

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    1st Ride on 2019 YT Jeffsy 29

    Name:  2019-YT-Jeffsy-29-CF-Pro-Race.png
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    Just rode the new 2019 Jeffsy 29 CF Pro Race. This is the top end carbon version. Rode it at the Fruita Fat Tire Festival in western Colorado (festivals are a great way to demo direct seller bikes).

    Bottom line, it was awesome.

    I demoed 8 bikes in this category (for $85 total), and my favorite was ... the Jeffsy.

    New geo is great. 66 head tube = confidence down. 77 seat = power climbing. Long reach and wheelbase create stability.

    To see ride footage and my full review, check out this YouTube video:

    Happy to answer any questions about it.

    P.S. Can the Jeffsy climb steep?

    Check out this short climbing video I did.

    Hope this helps.

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    Feel comfortable racing one of these in a XC/Marathon type day?

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