• 07-16-2019
    Anyone want a different color for Capra Pro Race build?
    I really want a Capra CF Pro build, but I'm a big fan of black bikes. The cF Pro comes in White or candy red.

    I really want the black frame of the pro race.

    Is there anyone who wants the pro race build, but would want the white or red frame? If so, lets work out a deal to switch frames.

    The frames are identical, same materials and geo, just different colors. The swap would involve swapping rear shocks as well.

    Any takers?
  • 07-18-2019
    Buy Pro Race and sell the build kit? The Fox 36 GRIP2/DPX2/Transfer, carbon wheelset and carbon cranks should get you more than the price delta of the Pro/Pro Race with money leftover for replacements.
  • 07-20-2019
    Sounds like a lot of work