I know there are companies out there like Invisiframe and Ridewrap but with this Covid situation weíre all facing, I had some spare time on my hands. For me, the protection that is included is pretty good, but missed some spots I wanted covered, mainly the chainstays and seatstays where my heels rub sometimes.

I started by taking side view pictures of the bike and tracing the stays in Adobe Illustrator, scaling them to true size, and saving them as .svg files.

Next, I printed them to paper and did a dry fit. Went back and made a few tweaks and before you know it I had a good fit.

After that I brought my files to the Cricut app and cut my pieces from a roll of frame protection tape(Heli tape) that I bought on Amazon.

And lastly I cleaned off my stays(and the rest of the bike later) and applied the cut pieces using the wet method(one drop dish soap/baby shampoo+1 full squirt bottle of water). I used a clean cloth and my thumb to apply and squeeze the water from beneath the sticker. I also used a hair dryer at the end to warm up the adhesive and help bond to the frame.

I am pretty happy with the end result. Probably could have used a generic kit or just cut the tape with scissors but I like the idea of custom fitting them and have lots of time on my hands at the moment.

I also did the brake side but I didnít think it was necessary to take pics of.

Iím also working on a few little spots to protect against cable rub.

Thanks for looking!

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