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    2020 Jeffsy 29 go? no go?

    Its new bike season for me and im down to small set of potential candidates.

    Guerrilla Gravity (smash/pistola)
    Norco (Sight or even Optic)
    Ripmo AF
    New Jeffsy

    W the 2020 coming in built as the 19 pro race 1t 150mm rr/frt - seems all the reviews preferred that setup.

    I can demo everything but the Jeffsy. Build kits/pricepoints are quite unbelievable and really seem to be setting the standard for direct to consumer.

    SO - would love to hear any 2019 owners thoughts on quality, support and even comparisons to any of the aforementioned - id appreciated it. That Pro build kit for $3900 is in my cart now.... semi itchy trigger finger!

    THANKS in advance!

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    Get the Ripmo, or the Norco. ( or maybe a Radon )
    YTs specs and colors this year are just aweful. Even last year the specs were aweful.
    I'm glad I have my 2017 and 18 Jeffsy and Capra.
    2017 was the best bang for the buck.

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    I have a 2019 Pro. Itís been amazing so far. Glad to see they replaced the e13 dropper this year as it was the 2019s Achilles heal.
    YT service is great ( in Europe at least).

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    My 2019 CF Pro has been great as well. Rock solid. I'm not a huge fan of the dropper's actuation, but it's been reliable for me.

    The 2020 has Guide RSC brakes, which is a nice upgrade from 2019. Also Maxxis tires instead of e*13. Seems like a good build overall.

    I think Ibis has great suspensions, better than YT. But the YT works really well still.

    I liked the Ripmo when I rode it, but it was a bit burly for my target riding style. The Jeffsy fits me better in that respect. I wanted something kind of in between the Ripley and the Ripmo. Huge bonus that the Jeffsy is so much cheaper than the carbon Ibis builds (I don't know much about the AF frame except from one or two videos). The Ibis builds seem a lot lighter though.

    I have really been impressed with how the Jeffsy handles. I had to get used to it, but very impressed now. And I was impressed with the climbing from day 1.

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    I've had 17' Jeffsy CF1 29. I loved it. Now I have 19' Pro Race 29. I love it more. Despite more travel, it climbs better than 17, it is stiff and strong. It's precise like a surgical tool. And Fox suspension and dropper are excellent. I had little issue with dropper. Sent it out for warranty, got it back under a week.
    I've had issues with different components over time(on 17' Jeffsy), and always received great customer service.
    It does not matter if you buy direct to consumer or from local bike shop. You will have to wait for replacement or repaired parts to ship either way.
    True, I'm not crazy about the colors. Pro in Ghostship Green is awesome though.

    But specs! Excellent. Pro race has X01 Eagle and Code RSC brakes. Maxxis Tires! Only saddle might be up for replacement. I didn't like any SDG saddle I've had so far. WTB Volt is more comfy.
    Pro, little cheaper, you loose carbon wheels (They've been great so far for me), G2 brakes, GX eagle, YT Postman dropper (that's the only unknown) But Yt's support is great, so I wouldn't worry too much.
    Either way I'd go with YT, and for little more, I'd go with Pro Race, i think upgrades are worth it.
    More you beef it up, more it will handle like a cow....:skep:

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    Thanks for the replies thus far!!!

    Hows the small bump compliance and erasing trail chatter without feeling like its hanging/grabbing - so that it maintains speed?


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    I just got a 19í Jeffsy CF and I love it, one of the best climbing bikes iíve ridden and it goes down like an enduro bike. Very quiet ride aswell as far as the cables and chain noise. The frame geo is second to none. Iíd buy another one without thinking twice. Iím still on 27.5s though.

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    I had a 2019 Jeffsy CF Pro Race.... Loved the bike and how it rode. Due to an off topic reason, I don't have that bike anymore and now ride an Ibis RIPMO 2020 with XT build. I don't recall any significant differences in the climbing position / comfortable wise. Now, on the descend, the RIPMO is as expected more fun and allows you to go faster and more confident.

    This year YT upgraded to XO1 drivetrain and CODE brakes. I used to overheat my GUIDE RSC on my Jeffsy on the way down at a local trail... my current XT don't even feel the heat compared with the GUIDE.

    Other than a huge $$ difference, both bike are quite comparable and both crazy capable. i do like the Ibis ore but see if you can justify the price difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBBsti LTD View Post
    I had a 2019 Jeffsy CF Pro Race.... Loved the bike and how it rode. .
    'Pardon the thread drift...

    I'm debating between a 2019 (comp) or 2020 since both are still available in a XXL for same money. I'm thinking 150mm is a bit much for my style of riding, and wouldn't mind saving a pound or three.. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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