Hi all. Sorry if you've come across my question on another forum but I'm just trying to gather all the data I can before my purchase.

I'm 165 cm (5'5") tall with a 76 cm (30") inseam and was leaning towards buying a size SMALL aluminum Jeffsy, but several people have recommended that I size up and go with a Medium. I feel like most people who have advised me to size up are more concerned with steep downhill stuff, rather than agility, and thus want a longer bike. I ride mostly techy trails without much descending and love being able to whip my bike around, but I don't want to feel too cramped in the cockpit.

Anyways, any input would be appreciated! My LBS stocks Norco, Specialized, and Giant, so I'm looking at maybe demoing a Norco Fluid since the reach and stack measurements seem to be somewhat close to the Jeffsy.