Hi all,

I'm interested to hear how you've got your fox float x2 set up with your 2018 capra cf pro 27.5 bikes.

I've had my bike for a few weeks now, and I'm still dialling in the setup.

I was surprised to find that the shock came from YT with 6 out of 7 possible volume spacers already installed.

With the out of the box number of volume spacers (6 out of 7), sag set correctly, and compression and rebound set according to the fox manual for the air pressure I'm using, the bike feels quite harsh over successive rapid hits , and I get nowhere near full travel regardless of what I ride.

I'm experimenting with reducing the number of volume spacers, currently on just 1 spacer and will see how it goes.

So I'm interested to hear how many volume spacers you're running in your float x2, and your thoughts on why YT might supply a bike that has a really progressive leverage curve with a shock configured out of the box to be also really progressive? Seems to me that with a leverage curve like the capra has you'd want the shock as linear as possible.

It feels pretty good to me with just 1 spacer, but it always takes me ages to dial in suspension, so this may change as I get more time on th ebike.