Reason why Yeti is taking so long to release 27.5-
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    Reason why Yeti is taking so long to release 27.5

    The real reason why:

    It's going to take A LOT of effort to make a 27.5 that far exceeds the sb66c. We already know that Jared Graves likes his sb66c over anything else in the Yeti line. We know that a lot of athletes really like their 26" bikes.. but I just wanted to confirm it.

    I rode two of the most lauded 27.5'ers this weekend: Medium Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon, Medium Santa Cruz Nomad v3 Carbon, and Large Santa Cruz Nomad v3 Carbon. I would be 100% happy to ride any of these bikes day-in and day-out...but...I wouldn't necessary take any of them over my sb66c.

    My medium sb66c actually feels really similar to the Large Nomad Carbon, except my yeti pedals better and corners faster. The Nomad is a slug around corners. The Nomad did feel slightly more playful, but my Yeti also felt more stable at speed (like its glued to the ground).

    A large bronson would have been a better comparison to my Yeti than the medium. I liked this bike okay, but didn't feel like it did anything better than my Yeti. Granted, I was on fairly smooth singletrack with lots of berms and jumps, very few rocks... so its hard to say if the 27.5 actually climbs over obstacles better.

    I really really really did like these bikes. They actually made me want to go out and buy....a 1x11 grupo and XT brakes to put on my Yeti (currently running 2x10 with Avid's that I hate)...but they did not make me want to run out and buy a 27.5'er...

    I was riding with a guy that thought these bikes were revolutionary. He thought it had a lot to do with the 27.5... but.... he also hasn't been riding bikes in 7 years, and his last bike was a 4" travel Trek Fuel from 2002. OF COURSE this bike feels revolutionary to him.. but any modern carbon bike would, regardless of the wheel size.

    I am happy to give any specific comparisons that anyone wants to hear about, but my real point here is..Yeti already had a winner with the sb66c - and now they have to throw it all away due to the marketing campaigns of most other brands. If I had the money I would buy a second sb66c just because it is THAT GOOD of a bike, and I don't currently need anything more (although internal cable routing might be addition to the 1x11 and XT upgrades I now want to make to my bike)

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    I agree with your opening statement it will be a hard act to follow, the SB66c will go down in history as one of the best.

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    So tempted to buy a 66c frame before they disappear!

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    coming from another 66c owner, I would agree with your sentiment. Tried a lot of 27.5 bikes, but none of them feel quite like the 66c. Knowing the market forces at work with the winds of change going toward 27.5 it was a hard decision, but decided to stay with 26" and grab a 66c because it is that great of a bike, and besides the price couldn't be beat either.

    I hope Yeti comes out with something mind blowing this year or next year in 27.5, but I definitely won't regret getting the 66c.

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    I feel the same way about my ASR-5. Now, that being said, I haven't ridden the SB-66. But I have demo'd a few 27.5s and none of them did anything for me. They felt heavy and sluggish for a nearly unnoticeable increase in rollover. The only place I would say the larger wheels didn't feel noticeably slower was on a gravel road. I don't ride gravel roads so I'll stick with my 25 lbs. 5" travel 26 bike...for now.

    When/if Yeti launches an ASR in 27.5, I'd consider it but it would need to be lighter than the 7.75 lbs. beast of a frame they make in 27.5 right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinGT View Post
    When/if Yeti launches an ASR in 27.5, I'd consider it but it would need to be lighter than the 7.75 lbs. beast of a frame they make in 27.5 right now.
    FWIW... The new 575 with 27.5 wheels is pretty much an ASR. And it weighs 6.6lbs. I have a feeling though that the new 575 is closest thing to ASR5 you'll ever get from Yeti with the bigger wheels.

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