Failed SB66 switch bearing and damage to switch housing-
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    Failed SB66 switch bearing and damage to switch housing

    I love my Sb66...however last week in the car-park before a ride i noticed a creaking. I decided not to ride but to investigate further (I really baby my bikes and look after them). I assumed I could just clean up the bering, re-grease and off i go. I was wrong!

    I found that the switch unit was creaking loudly, I took the axle out and found that one of the bearings had exploded. I cleaned it up and removed the switch housing. Once clean I could see that the escaped bearings had caused damage, grooves and rough cuts to the housing, one bearing was actually now part of the casing! (see pics below) that was definitely my riding days over for the next few weeks.

    Once home I ordered a replacement bearing kit from Silverfish (UK Yeti distributor) for 120!! I also thought i better order a new Switch unit....about 60....after recovering from some daylight robbery i decided to do some searching on forums and found lots of information regarding Yeti fitting the wrong bearings....low and behold the failed bearing was the incorrect number so i had one of the dodgy sets fitted.

    I contacted my dealer and sent at least 10 pictures of the damage caused to the switch unit and the Switch axle (grooves from bearings). I was ok with having paid for replacement set as I was hoping to get another spare set for free from Yeti.

    I live in Austria (but bought the bike from a dealer in the uK before i moved) they have been great and are helping with my situation. My problem is this!

    Yeti/Silverfish are refusing to accept that the damage caused to the switch unit and switch axle (by the incorrect factory fitted bearing) are their responsibility! How can that be the case!?! the three items are directly linked Bearing-casing-axle.

    I was hoping for a complete set of replacement bearings as at least 4 of the other pivot bearings are notchy and rough (despite me cleaning and inspecting them at least once/twice a month)and all from about a total of 10-15 rides!

    I accept that mistakes happen, but when I pay this much for a frame, look after it and even buy replacement parts myself because i want to ride it again this summer (expecting long delays from warranty) I would expect a better service from Yeti.

    I am posting this in the hope that if someone from Yeti reads it and can actually impact on what the distributor in the UK is saying/thinking then please do so. I love the bike, it rides like a dream and it took me a long time to save for the bike and build it up to what it is today...I have missed two weekends riding because of the failed bearing and to be honest its annoying.

    I don't want favours or anything that is not owed to me under the 'tight' two year yeti warranty.

    Another issue is that there are no Yeti dealers in Austria so will I void the warranty by having the bearing fitted by non-yeti verified bike tech?

    Rant over
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    Failed SB66 switch bearing and damage to switch housing-img_1856.jpg  

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    Yeti/Silverfish have now refunded me for the bearing kit i effectively got a complete set of bearings under warranty. however they will not replace the axle or switch as the damage is not bad enough to impact on operation apparently. All in all a good result. Let's see how long these bearings last.

    The new bearings are quite different i would say, most are Enduro brand and look a bit tougher than the originals. Fingers crossed.
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    glad to hear the story got happier.

    i understand the feeling about rough-worn parts, but so long as it bears out that they're just cosmetically altered then it really doesn't make much difference, right?

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