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    weight weenie help (MC29)

    last fall, I bought my 1st SS and 1st 29er (MonoCog) and love it!

    I plan to race the SS expert class (XC races, 40 miler, 50 miler & a 6 hour) this year and I am tired of having the heaviest ride when I pull up to the line. I wanted to buy a lighter SS 29er to race this year but the cash just isnt there.

    So I need suggestions to drop the weight down on this beast (29 lbs) And, remember I am poor

    Stock except Hayes 9 hydro's and CB candy pedals. And I plan to put a reba up front.

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    The words Monocog 29er and weight weenie usually are not in the same sentence. I used to have one and it is a great bike, but it is a fairly heavy bike. I will recommend the usual places to start, focus on reducing rotating weight. My Monocog 29er had some godawful heavy 2.3 wire bead Exiwolfs on it. Get yourself a set of Kenda Karmas and some lightweight tubes. It will be the single biggest bang for the buck as far as a performance increase that you can do. The wheels are durable, but very heavy with straight gauge spokes and Alex DH rims. That is more expensive, but the next most advantageous place to go.

    I would not sink too much more money into a Monocog, as it is never going to be super light. It is a great bike for what it is, but not a race specific rig. If it were me, I would change the tires and tubes and race the heck out of it.
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