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    Wahoo Kickr Trainer: Is this the Trainer I've Been Looking For?

    For several winters now I start to look at all the trainer options out there. But Iíve never found a trainer I liked though! Of course a good trainer has to do more than just let you spin indoors, I want feedback like mileage, watts, etc. And I want to ride pre-programmed workouts where the resistance is variedÖ

    But I DON'T want some proprietary computer device that is obsolete as soon as you buy it (think of trying to work the computer on your wife's treadmill, AAARGGH!). And I want flexibility too, I don't want to be locked into the universe of one company (like the TacX trainers).

    The Wahoo seems to be what I've been looking for, it is open source and communicates with your Android/iPhone or tablet with a variety of Wahoo or 3rd party of apps (like Kinomap and TrainerRoad). So I just add iPhone or iPad and ride? Anyone here on this forum tried it yet?

    Indoor Bike Trainer ? Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer

    Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

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    Several years back I picked up a used Computrainer from a bankrupt studio. These things are legendary for their longevity. I rarely used the racermate software, preferring erg mode, but since trainerroad came out I dont' even use that. There are a few other options I've been meaning to look into (PerfPro and another that I can't recall).

    yeah, they don't have the buzz that the kickr does but don't undersell the longevity aspect.

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    Good job!

    The Wahoo looks good and has a lot of nice features/options with it. The only concern I would have is the cassette on the Wahoo and different bikes with different groups.

    I have Campy on my road bike and my wife has Shimano. We both have 10 speed, but how will the shifting work? I know it will, but it won't be as smooth. What about wear on the chain and other drive train parts since they aren't designed to be mixed? Or, if you ride the Wahoo all winter (the chain and rings will wear together) but what happens to the rear cassette and chain mating properly when you put your rear wheel back on the bike and ride outside?

    Depending upon the mileage you put on, you may be replacing a drive train every year....which can get expensive fast depending upon the group your running.

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    Wahoo Kickr Trainer: Is this the Trainer I've Been Looking For?

    Have had one for a couple months. I can't imagine going back to a normal trainer. If you can justify the expense to your better half, don't hesitate.

    The changing of drivetrain gear could be of concern but in my opinion not a major one. Initially I took the cassette off bike and put on the KICKR, meaning everything would mesh. Come Spring I would get new cassette/chain for the season and then swap back next winter.

    Ultimately I dedicated my old road bike to KICKR duties. Stripped off the brakes, mounted flat bars and adjusted geometry to match mtb. Next I'm going to make a stand so I can ditch the front wheel - maybe with adjustable height

    Bottom line, I would recommend the KICKR to a friend but not my competition.

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    Got a Kickr about a month ago, and I really like it. I purchased the Campy freehub and ride my Campy-equipped road bike on it. Software options are tremendous. So far, I still like Trainerroad about the best, but I throw in some of the local Segments (ipad app) for variety. I tried the Cycleops Virtual Training also. If you like the "virtual reality" aspect, it's probably a great choice. Watching the tiny video on an ipad screen didn't do much for me, though. If it were streaming to a big screen TV it would probably be better.

    One thing about it - I can't slack off, even a little, the way I could on the Kurt - if I pedal slower it'll just up the resistance. This is a good thing, I think. One drawback, which is not really a big deal for me, is that it takes maybe 1-2 seconds to adjust power. So for short sprint intervals, it may not be quite as good as a passive trainer like the Kurt.

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    Wahoo Kickr Trainer: Is this the Trainer I've Been Looking For?

    This Slowtwitch thread has some discussion about the Wahoo Kickr:


    The comments are surprisingly mixed about it.

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    I've had one for three or four months and really like it overall. There are a few quirks that have taken some getting used to.

    First, you must only have one control app open at a time. If you have multiple apps (e.g., the segments app and the wahoo app), there will be conflicts and power will be all over the place. You must fully close the extra apps (not just minimize it).

    Next, the simulation model is off. There seems to be about 10-20% more resistance than you would see out in the real world. People report that you can adjust the weight setting to better calibrate the perceived speed for the power. If you don't care about the mileage and speed, then you don't have to worry about this quirk. Just go by the power numbers.

    When using the apps like Segments, there is a terrible issue about rapid changes in grade leading to near lock down of the rear wheel. You can't shift or hit a grade release option. I've feared breaking chains as a result of this. I've essentially put the segments app down until their next release which is supposed to be soon.

    These issues aside, I really like the smoothness of the trainer in erg mode. The trainer is also extremely stable. The platform is also very open with numerous training options. These really help pass time while training.

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