Stybar pounding the fruit-
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    Stybar pounding the fruit

    Saw on twitter that Cross champ Stybar eats huge plates full of fresh fruit. That has to be quite a bit of sugar! was eating on a recovery day.. Beyond the vitamin/antioxidant advantage, curious why all the fruit..?

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    Because it tastes good?

    I'm guessing that the serving of Ben & Jerry's that had an equal amount of sugar would be substantially smaller.

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    Most people get their carbs from starches

    Starches are the main source of carbs for most people, athletes included, but they generally have a higher glycemic index than fruits. Short chain carbs (which the government labels as sugar on consumer labels) aren't necessarily bad in themselves but the high glycemix index variety causes a rush of insulin into the system, which many athetes do their best to avoid.

    Here's a list of the Glycemic Indexes of the most common carb sources for athletes:
    Potato - 89
    Bread - 72
    Rice - 83

    Here's a list of the Glycemic Indexes of different common fruits:
    Apple - 40
    Peaches - 28
    Banana - 50

    Fruits have a lower glycemic index on average, which is why you'll see most people choose a bagel over a banana, if given the choice. It gives them the satisfying feeling of having insulin running through their veins, which among other things suppresses growth hormone and is a trigger for your body to store fat.

    In addition to the necessary carbs, fruits are nutritionally more dense and calorically less dense (generally) than starches.

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