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    Return after injury, training advice needed

    In a nut shell, over 1 yr period, went from very active and fit (road avg 50 miles a week) (212 lb, 6'2, 11% bf) to (228, 24% bf) due to bad motorcycle roadracing accident that left me with ruined shoulder (dislocates in certain positions) and knee (pressure sensative, unable to run) and bad case of pneumonia, surgery should fix but unable to do at the time...

    Went for a ride with my old buddies (after pt and healed up), 3 miles in I thought I was going to die, 5 miles in I prayed to. I just couldn't get the o2 in, legs were ok...

    I gave up riding with them and bought a rim-drive trainer, but when I use it, I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything. Granted I've only been riding for 30 mins 3x a week, for 3 weeks. I've searched for training advice hear and couldn't find anything that fit. I'm not losing any weight, I'm working on getting diet in check (wife just had 3rd kid, so it's getting better slowly but surely). Really hope someone has some advice/schedule/link to something that will put me on the right track to first get back in shape and second be able to ride the trails with my buds again. Thanks in advance for any advise

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    You can build a ton of fitness on a trainer - so it's a great place to start. Gradually build up your weekly ride hours until you can do 6 days/week for 30 minutes. Then progress by making one of the rides longer and then one of the rides faster.

    Get outside to ride any time you can. It takes a long time to really get out of shape and you have to be patient building it back too.

    Keep riding with your buddies if it is fun. You'll get better every time you are out and one day will surprise them by taking the lead...

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    been off the bike since 1996. i would ride about once a year when buddies come down and i would suck! bad! got married and now have a mortgage and two kids. just last year was able to start getting back into mountain biking and biking for that matter. i've been on the trails three times this year and was able to top climbs i couldn't do before.

    all i did was get a trainer and start riding. the first few weeks i thought i was wasting my time; but i kept at it and soon i was able to grind into the big chain ring and increase my speed on the trainer and also use the full resistance! that's all i've done is trainer work this past winter. when i hit the trails i was very surprised at the gains i'd made from last year.

    stick with the trainer. it's a long process but it will pay off. what helped me with the trainer was to buy a computer so i new how long and how far i'd ridden. it also helps motivate you to go faster so you can keep a decent pace for yourself.

    i know it's tough with the kids. i've got a 4 year old and 2 year old and my wife is a cpa. so right now i'm playing mr. mom and can't really get the rides in after work or on weekends due to the demands of the kids, ie-"...wipe me dad!", "I want a drink dad", "the movie is over dad, can we watch another", "dad i'm hungry"...and on and on...

    stick with it...if the fire is'll get there!
    I just like riding my mountain bike.

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