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    Red Bull for Recovery?

    I've heard from a few people that Red Bull works relatively well as a recovery drink. I've actually seen some guys drinking it immediately after some off-road triathlons. They told me that they like to drink the Red Bull and then make sure they eat and get some carbs and protien.

    You couldn't pay me to use it before or during a race. I know that despite what the can claims, it's not that great for endurance. I use Cytomax in one bottle, water in another, and gels every hour or so. Usually I just drink more Cytomax and eat a clif bar or a banana right after a race. So if you have any other advice on recovery, throw that in too.

    So anyway, I'm just wondering if any of you out there have tried it as a recovery drink or know much about using that way. I'm somewhat concerned about all of the sugar and caffiene it has.

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    I can't imagine how Red Bull would be considered a good recovery drink. Red Bull is pretty much just sugar and caffine. Try Endurox or BioFix by SmartFuel. Both are good recovery drinks.

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    Recovery from feeling tired

    Well of course the cafeine is going to make you feel somewhat revived but that's not the kind of recovery we need! In fact you'd be much better off going to sleep rather than pumping yourself up after a hard ride.

    I would stick to Cytomax or a specific recovery drink, eat a balanced meal, then take a nap!

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    I would have to agree with the others. There are far better ways to recover and be ready for the next ride. I stick to the fairly simple basics. I drink a mix of grape and apple juice. Lot's of good stuff being said about grape juice with its natural anti-oxidents and flavinoids (sp). I tend to like plain old Gatoraid in lemon lime which is available in the large canisters at Costco. Also like bagel bars which are loaded with complex carbo's, nuts, and raisins. Cheese sticks are easy way to get some protien and a little fat is ok too. I think the key is too get this done within the first hour of completing your ride. Then it's time for a couple of beers.

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    We just learned in our Biology class that after your body has been worn out like that, you should drink/eat simple sugars. A soda, or a candy bar is sufficient.

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    eh, no.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zoltan
    We just learned in our Biology class that after your body has been worn out like that, you should drink/eat simple sugars. A soda, or a candy bar is sufficient.

    well mtb magazine (the one that comes with bicycling quarterly) did a side article on red bull, and its almost like any other soda, with more caffine and taruine. just drink water, and beer, you will be fine.
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