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    Point to Point Mountain Bike Race Logistics

    Hello MTBRians,

    I'm thinking of trying to plan a point to point mountain bike race sometime next year. It would start in a rural town, and end in a somewhat less rural one. Total distance of around 30 miles, but mostly non-technical riding, kind of like most point to point races, as far as I know.

    The way I see it, there are several ways to do the logistics, as far as busing participants, trucking bikes, etc.

    I was thinking that the racers could drive to the finish, and we could then bus the bikes and racers to the start. This would probably be the most expensive, but also the most straightforward, logistically. Get here by a certain time, race starts at a set time, etc. I was thinking that we could use a bunch of pickup trucks for the bikes, and hang the front wheels over the side, DH shuttle style.

    Thoughts? Examples? I'd love to hear some feedback.

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    Most of the races I do, the shuttles are at the finish. Something like every 30 minutes a bus leaves to bring people back. Most of the races also dont haul your bike for you. One race does though (iceman). My fiancee races also, so, one of us usually hangs around at the finish and watches our bikes while the other one gets the car. For one close race, we actually both drive and leave a vehicle at the finish line.

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    The one true point to point race I did (Winter Park Valley P2P), we ended up riding back to the start. I don't think they had a bus or anything. Most people got teammates/friends/wives/girlfriends to drive to the finish as far as I know. A bus that leaves every half hour or hour would be cool if your budget can swing it.
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    i have seen races do both ways, hauling the bikes requires a rental truck in addition to school busses. I think some sort of corral to leave the bikes then a bus back to the start after the race is a good option. You can add a bike wash and have a school group make some money doing wash and checking bikes out, have some sort of check system like a hat check.

    All the races I do charge for the busses and force a pre purchase so they can reserve the correct number, maybe 5 bucks or something. It discourages people from using it and then they get rides themselves, which is a good thing.

    Good luck with your race, sounds like fun

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    fyi, here's how they do a large race in canada:

    How does the post race transportation work?
    After you finish the race in Ancaster you store your bike in the secure bike corral. You can retrieve your bag of clothes from the Baggage Transfer Truck, get changed and take the bus back to the Start line in Paris or St. George. Buses will leave every 1/2 hour from the Ancaster Community Centre from 1pm to 3:30pm. Post race transport is Free.

    How does the pre race bus and truck system work?
    Riders must pre-register for the pre race bus and truck. Bikes will be loaded onto trucks to be taken to the start lines in Paris and St. George. 60 km riders must have their bikes loaded into the Bike Truck by 8:30 am. Buses for Paris will leave Ancaster at 9am. 35 km riders must have bikes loaded by 9:30am. The bus for St. George will leave Ancaster for St.George at 10am. There will be no race day walkup pre race bus service. You must have a prepaid reservation.

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