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    Optigen Supplement?

    I often do XC rides just under 40mi w/5-6K' vert. This is mostly Marin riding w/fairly high temps. I'm 57 & tend to get pretty sweaty. Cramping is a problem that only gets worse as the years (and mileage) pile up. I tend to use Heed in a water bottle (+fresh h20 in Camelbak) I also throw down some Endurolyte caps. Have also tried Salt Stick caps (recommended by sports nutritionist -now available at REI). I also take vitamin supps. - Cal/mag 2x day, potassium 1x.

    I inquired about a "recovery" supplement at my LBS and got a bottle of "Optigen" from 1st Endurance. Turns out this is more of a supplement regimen than a post ride potion. Am a bit concerned about the recommended high dosage and the exotic ingredients, cost is also VERY high.

    They recommend 6 caps w/breakfast for 7 days, then 3 caps every morning (!) continuously.
    Consists of:
    Chromium 200mg;
    Rhodiola (root) extract 300 mg;
    Cordyceps 1000mg;
    "ATPro Matrix" = Calcium Pyruvate; Sodium Phosphate; Potassium Phosphate; Ribose; Adenosine -- 800mg (combined)

    I wiki'd some of the ingredients which seem to have some potential, but penned by unknown sources. Very exotic sounding concoction. Rider at my LBS swears this is the ONLY supplement with a noticeable effect/benefit. But EVERYBODY has their favorite voodoo mojo that they SWEAR will give you super powers.

    Anyone have any experience with this, or INFORMED opinion?
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    not necessarily an informed opinion.

    i won a case of optygen in an on-line competition in 2009.

    i did not take the recommended dosage as it seemed quite high. i only took 4 caps per day. i am not a fan of taking pills/supplements.

    i felt that the supplement definitely aided in my mood and recovery. i don't know if it made me faster, but it might have helped in me handle a higher training/stress load.

    i am however a fan of First Endurance. they won me over. i now use EFS drink mix, and Pre-Race formula for races.

    so take it for what it's worth. i am not big on supplementation, but i think that there is value in Optygen. it is up to you to decide whether the "Price is Right"
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