Max effort level for the 80% bit when doing polarised training?-
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    Max effort level for the 80% bit when doing polarised training?

    Iíve found that I respond really well to doing lots of steady miles and limiting my high intensity training. What Iím finding tricky though is trying to put long HILLY rides into the endurance 80% block, thus leaving me a 2-3 hrs week to do fully high intensity work.
    My gut feeling is that I should make my max intensity on the climbs 95% of ftp but this still seems high. If using the MAFF formula HR then max intensity would be considerably less.
    Not sure how best to approach this as in the long term I react best to keeping it properly steady (max 65% ftp) but most of my road routes and all mtb routes from my house involve hills, which I really enjoy. Iíve just one flat road route and Iím pretty bored of it!
    What do you guys think on this subject? I know itís been addressed elsewhere but itís nice to have the personal touch.

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    You'd want to avoid going too hard on climbs because it causes excess fatigue on long rides, but you gotta do what you gotta do if that's what it takes to get up the hill.

    The real way to figure out your LT1 (first lactate threshold or aerobic threshold) is with a lactate test, but there's a few different formulas people mess with like 70% of heart rate reserve (Max HR-resting HR*.7+resting HR) or 65% of Max HR or others...but those are just guesses. You have to experiment a little to figure out what works for you and the lengths of your rides.

    HR is used because of cardiac drift, btw.

    I think the most important thing is to just do long rides that don't flatten you for days, the fine details just don't matter that much for us poseurs.

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    Variation is really important in training. Doing your endurance rides on flats is great at first but as you adapt you are going to need more stress/different stress.

    I think you will find that as your fitness builds you will have no problem doing and recovering from rides that have extended efforts @80-85% of FTP.
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    Cheers both of you.
    Iím feeling pretty darn fit right now, clocking around 15hrs wk of consistent training for over two months, itís just that when I started incorporating short vo2 max sessions into my week, my training consistency started to suffer as I had less energy available to motivate me outside in the wet and horrible weather weíre suffering in the uk at the moment.
    Rather than ditching these vo2 max sessions I looked at my general riding and thought Iím getting quite a lot of hard efforts in my day to day riding so if I try keep a limit on them then Iíll be able to hit the intense sessions hard and still be up for the long rides outside.
    Based on your advice Iíll keep an eye on my power output and try keep it below 80-85% ftp on the climbs but acknowledge that some climbs you gotta do what you gotta do to get up them. We have a lot of 100m at 15-17% climbs locally that with a single chainring require a bit of grunt to get up.
    Iím going out for a ride this morning on my SS mtb. Iím going to try wearing a HR strap and setting an alarm to go off at my MAFF formula of 135bpm. When it hits that Iíll jump off the bike and walk. I need to work on my calves anyway as Iím training for a stage race in the Alps; suspect thereíll be a fair bit of pushing involved!
    Iíll let you know how it goes. The beeping will probably drive me nuts.

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    That went really well.
    I generally kept my HR below 140bpm and only had to get off and walk a few times which was actually really pleasant. Got a solid 3hrs of SS mtb riding in the woods. Loads of mud but great fun slithering about whilst applying constant pressure to the peddles. Good workout.

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