Interesting Article on Ryan Trebon's Power Output in a Cyclocross Race-
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    Interesting Article on Ryan Trebon's Power Output in a Cyclocross Race

    I thought some of you guys might like to read the following article. Sure it's for a cyclocross race, but I think some of it can be applied to MTB racing as well. Basically, the author got his hands on one of Trebon's power files from a CX race earlier this year. Pretty interesting to see the numbers that are generated

    Check it out here:
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    I saw that and forwarded it to some buddies for the suggested workouts.

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    How can Trebon have 120x efforts of 850w of 20-30 seconds each (accounts for 50 minutes of elapsed time if we say 25 seconds per effort) but end up with a final normalized power of 424w for the entire event lasting approximately 60 minutes?

    Perhaps what Russell meant was that he had ~120 accelerations in which his peak power approached 850w (or just over 200% of his ftp as Russell describes), but then presumably settled into a lower output for the rest of each 20-30 seconds.

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    There's a link to another of Ryan Trebon's power data files here if you want to look at the actual recorded data.

    It's from Cross Vegas 14 September 2011 and is in a Garmin .fit file format.

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    Clearly, tall racers are at a disadvantage

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    After reading that article I am totally depressed. Damn.

    I take a week and a half off of riding, do 2 hours way under threshold, and I'm feeling it.

    But thanks for posting it. The workouts look like something I'll try when I regain consciousness in the Spring.
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    thx tyrone..

    His ability to do repeated efforts with so much power is simply amazing. Like a machine..

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