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    I like whey powder in milk, but why the clumps??

    I like to drink vanilla flavored whey powder, mixed with a glass of milk, after a long ride. I don't mind the taste - I actually like it - but why is there always clumps in it?? I seem to stir and mix it up extremely thoroughly, but clumps will inevitably form. And this is in a 16 ounce glass, too, with an amount of powder for a 10 ounce glass.

    Is this common? I don't want to buy a blender for shakes if I can avoid it.

    Any hints you can pass on?


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    You need one of these

    or something similar. There is usually some sort of a disc or grate that fits in the neck and the cap has additional volume so you can get a good shake on. Nice and smooth. I bought a couple of generic shaker bottles at the grocery store for a few bucks a piece. work great for protein shakes, making salad dressing, whatever.

    I've found adding the powder to liquid also helps to prevent lumps betther than the reverse.
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    stir more, or gradually add it while stirring, instead of dumping it in all at once.
    I mix my whey with either plain water, or 50/50 water and skim milk, much less clumping than with more milk ratios.

    blender works too.

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    get one of those wand type blenders. $12 quick and easy to use and easy to clean.

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    blender and a banana. enjoy

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    Like said above, shakers work wonders (you can get them at GNC for like 5$) but also it could just be your powder. Some are designed for better mixing. I use ON Pro Complex and it mixes extremely easily with a spoon.

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    Use a stick blender. I got one on sale for under 10 dollars. Then you can start making fresh or frozen fruit smoothies. Yum!

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    Try a...

    ...spare water bottle. Make sure the water bottle is dry, add powder, add 1/2 milk, shake vigorously, if clumps are stuck to side tap on hard surface, shake again, add 2nd 1/2 milk, shake vigorously, enjoy!
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    Optimum Nutrition makes the best protien powder. I can mix it with a fork and ZERO clumps clump spoogey shake.

    Big tub costs about $35 on sale.

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    I like bio chem vanilla...I make shakes and mix with milk. I mix 2 scoops with about 8oz of milk, stir, and drink...then I scoop the clumps from the cup (usually not much). I love the taste so it doesn't bother me at all

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