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    Feet or hand cramp/pain when training transitions outside?

    As you ramp up time and intensity outside do you have cramps or pains in the feet or hands? Pains that didn't surface when riding in a controlled indoor environment?

    I ask because this is my first spring EVER with foot cramps. This past year I did more volume thanks to the CycleOps Hammer, and admittedly find myself doing more work on the trainer even though our weather isn't so bad. I don't stand as much or hammer (no pun intended).

    It's not an electrolyte or nutrition issue because these cramps will occur only 45 minutes in cool temps. Readjusting the BOA sometimes help, but the cramps hit the base of forefoot even with a loose unswollen shoe/foot contact.

    I could say it's the switch to Shimano XC7 shoes purchased 9 months ago (lifelong Specialized body geometry fanboy) before our winter hit and the trainer became my mainstay. Pedals same, cleat position same, I thought shoe last near identical.

    Before I go adding to the shoe collection does anyone else have cramps or "oooh, that's not normal" in contact points when increasing training intensity or weight-bearing? Or do you think it could very well be my feet don't like anything but a specific shoe last and footbed.

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    Is it pain or cramps, or cramps with pain?

    Try to isolate the problem, try pedaling with flat pedals for an hour or two and try to replicate the problem. If you don't cramp then its probably a fit issue, if you do you might just have weak feet, probably because of lack of usage (trainer doesn't help).

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    If I spend too my time on a trainer or a bike with a suspension fork, I definitely notice a lack of fitness in my hands when I switch back to rigid bikes. During those times, the distance I can ride off road can be limited by my hands and arms. Is it just your hands or arm pump too?

    I normally only have foot issues if my shoes are too tight. I personally have to run my shoes very loose around the forefoot to avoid pain. The 2nd boa on mine has almost no tension. This is true regardless of which shoes I use.

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