Cramping is calf when mountain/dismounting-
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    Cramping is calf when mountain/dismounting

    I've gotten cramps in my calves before, on a hard long road ride, or after an 8 hour relay. But now, I try to eat at last a banana a day and I haven't really been getting this cramps anymore.
    During an XC race last night that involved lots of climbing, I got a horrible cramp in my right calf when I needed to do a quick dismount as I didn't have enough momentum to make it over an uphill logpile. I got back on in pain, coasted the downhill, but couldn't pedal up the following uphill. I walked it, stopped, rubbed my calf, got back on in pain and took it easy for the next 5-10 minutes, then i was able to start hammering again. Then I had to dismount again for another section I didn't clear, and as I went to jump back on, I felt the same cramp coming back, but it wasn't a 'full' cramp.

    Is this a stretching issue, am I doing something wrong when mounting/dismounting?


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    A quick hard contraction of a muscle can bring on a cramp easy enough.

    Streach the muscle out when it cramps, in addition to rubbing it (streach is way more important.

    Sounds like you were very close to a cramp, check your electrolytes, (PH of urine) should be greater than 6.8.

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    Cramps are good. For example at my last race which involved 4800 feet of climbing two of the guys who always finish ahead of me cramped up. One guy cramped up about halfway and one near the end of the last climb. I slipped past both guys and finally finished on the podium. Thank God for cramps.

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