I need a new computer to use on my trainer. The one that I am using is probably about 7 or 8 years old --that's when I decided to rip the computers off of all my bikes. It is a CayEye, but I don't know the model. I want to replace it because it only measures MPH in .5 increments when speed is above 20MPH. I'm using MPH to estimate power on my trainer. Also, there is a huge delay in the average velocity. I reset the computer, quickly settle into a 25MPH pace yet the computer is showing an average of 18MPH through the first 30S. At 45S, the computer shows 21.5MPH average. It takes about 2M for it to get above 24MPH average. This is fine when doing intervals between 6 and 20M, but is not going to allow me to estimate power for shorter intervals. In the past, I have just guessed at my average by watching the computer

...and it is not wireless, so I --being a dork --have the head mounted on my toptube. Thank goodness this is a dedicated trainer bike and not one I ride in public too often.