Mudslinger 1 week away (Saturday 4/23)

1 Week away and smooth climbs ahead and even the weather looks good so get ready for fun.

2:15 or so from PDX, 3:30 from Bend, 1:20 from Eugene

Watch out through Philomath as 25 means 25, don’t get a ticket.

Course is 25 minutes or 17 miles from Corvallis towards Newport on Hwy 20, the Town of Blodgett does not have a downtown or anything and once you get to the country store (on left) its just up a small riser and on left, signs will guide you after you hit the Blodgett sign.

After 20 years of putting on races I have learned 1 thing…….do it 110% and while I am out cutting tree’s or dragging debris and trimming back branches (with Team Dirt) out of your face I want to thank you for taking mountain bike racing from just over 1000 riders in 2005 to over 5000 last year and I am thinking over 6000 riders at races in 2011.

Course is cleared after today and will be marked by Wednesday
multiple ribbons when turning that direction and turn arrows and conformation ribbons, I like marking courses!

Next Saturday’s Mudslinger (Yes Saturday)
Start is 10:30 rider meeting 10:15

Registration day of from 7am until 9:30 (don’t be too late) I do start on time

Awards 3 deep for the podium presentation and free digital Pics for every rider from Oregon Velo (Shane and Matt)

Bring your license, 5.00 if you forget, annuals sold on site
No alcohol on school grounds

2 courses
13 miles and 1500 ft of climbing or
almost 22 miles and 3800 ft of climbing

Cat 3′s do the Short Course (Average times, 1 hr to 1:30)

Long course is for all others including Clydesdales 200+ Average finish times ( 1:45 to 2:45 )

Mass Start 3 miles up (20 minutes or so)

Big solid gravel road climbs and singletrack descents, including
Supertree, Shortcut, Collorbone Alley, Panama Canal, 1st trail, Side Hill and the only time used during the year (Root Down!)

Root Down and Side Hill and first trail will be on the long course only

Key to winning, solid start and steady tempo
Key to having a good time, good front tire, the ability to surf for short periods of time and the willingness to get over the next ridge

GPS will be posted Monday of the long course

Pasta and Bread from Great Harvest for all pre-registered and we will have at least enough for 300 folks along with custom Specialized Purist Water Bottles

Laminated plate

Big Aide station for the Long course with Heed and water and PB and J
Eugene MTN rescue and EMT on course for your safety

In part fundraiser for the Blodgett Summit grange

Starker Forest private land (get a permit if you want to ride during the week next week and or at any time of the year) Its the Tum Tum Unit and the permit is free

Rivercity Oregon XC Series Race #3

Big raffle and on course easter egg hunt with Bunny Primes(bring the bunnys back you get cash!)

Kids race at 1:30

Awards at 2pm, done by 3pm, well thats the plan, if the raffle is big it may be 3:30

Thanks to all who make the Mudslinger a possibility

Mudslinger Sponsors

Peak Sports, Yakima, Hammer Nutrition, Club Ride, Io Bio, Chris King, NW Multisports, Primal Wear, Deschutes Brewery, Instaprint, Ergon, Tifosi.
Giant, Squirrels, Healthletics, and more.

See you all soon, lets get out and have a great time and carpool if you can……its time to have some FUN!