Had been looking around for some baggies and decided to try the Zoic men's shorts. Women's shorts often don't fit; they are cut too low for me and don't work for my tall, long-waisted build with not much in the way of hips or butt.

Anyway, the Zoic Black Market baggies are fantastic.

Also love these shorts for just, well, shorts. Super comfy, great to hike in. They have a belt and don't keep sliding down. I'm even considering getting a pair of knickers for fall, if they come in the same cut and fabric.

The Black Market shorts are made of a fabric is wonderfully light and stretchy, drapes nicely and the pockets work well. Zoic has an option to buy them with no liner for $40 . I wear a pair of old lycra shorts under.

Don't know if others of you are in this predicament, but these might be worth a try. I don't think anyone looking at me will say, Whoa! She's wearing guy shorts.