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    Women's Specific MTBR

    I'm finally upgrading and would love some advice. Trading up from a 2008 Epic and thinking of going women's specific this time. Anyone riding a LIV or Juliana that would recommend one over the other?

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    Moved to the women's lounge for better advice.
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    Not really. I donít think you gain anything from. WSD bike vs a ďunisexĒ one.

    If you search this forum, itís been discussed a lot in the past.

    Iím in the camp that bikes need to be built for EVERY RIDER, no matter what their sex is.

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    My GF had a Giant Trance 2 which she rode for several years. I took her last year to a demo near us and she test rode the Liv Hail 1. Fell in love with it. Naturally you can always change out stems, bars, cranks and eveything else to get a better fit. But if you just feel like the bike is better for you then go for it.

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    Thank you. Guess I really just need to demo both and determine what feels better to me.

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    The juliana frames are the same as the unisex frames. The bikes are just set up slightly differently for the ladies. Lighter dampening on the suspension, woman's specific grips and saddles. My understanding is that the Liv bikes are one of the few bikes that are build just for woman from the ground up.
    Looking for a Medium Scott Scale frame, preferably a 2012 in 26.

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    LOVE my Liv Intrigue... on my second one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stripes View Post
    Not really. I donít think you gain anything from. WSD bike vs a ďunisexĒ one.
    I kind of disagree. While it is definitely more important that a bike fit YOU no matter what gender it is marketed for, companies that build bikes from the ground up for women, absolutely think that women gain something from women specific designs.

    According to Liv, women have different power centres, use their muscles differently, and have lower centres of gravity so they design their frames to take advantage of those facts. Maybe that doesn't make it better for every woman, but I definitely noticed the difference for me. I have a Liv Intrigue Advanced 1 and think it is a freaking awesome bike. The men's equivalent is the Giant Trance. I did have a chance to demo the Trance as well and I can tell you, even with the exact same components, they felt like completely different bikes. The Liv definitely fit me better and felt way more comfortable and powerful.

    Also, I love supporting a company that 100% supports women. A company that puts as much time, money and energy into research for their women athletes and supports those women athletes to the same extent that they support their male athletes. It seems like women are forever lamenting the fact that they don't have as many choices in clothing, in gear, in ANYTHING, as men do, and yet, I still see so many women completely discounting bikes made specifically for women. I just don't get it???

    Julianas are great bikes. They are exactly the same as their Santa Cruz counterparts with the exception of grips, saddles and colours and they have a lighter suspension tune. I demoed a few Juliana/Santa Cruz bikes and while I did like how they rolled, I definitely liked the Liv better.

    Another huge advantage Liv over Juliana is the fact that Liv's are a way better bang for your buck. For comparison sake, The Liv Intrigue Advanced 1 and the Juliana Furtado Carbon S build would be the closest competitors. The Intrigue is $5,300 CAD, The Furtado is $6,500. The Intrigue has a better fork and better brakes. The Intrigue has Fox 36 Performance Elite fork, the Furtado has Fox 34 Performance fork. Brakes - Intrigue has SRAM G2 RSC, Furtado has SRAM Guide R. Rear shock, same on both. Drivetrain, same on both. Both have carbon frames with lifetime warranties. The HUUUUUGE upgrade on the Intrigue is the carbon wheels. The carbon wheelset is a $1,300 upgrade on it's own. I feel like the carbon wheels make the biggest difference of all.

    The Intrigue is such an amazing do everything bike. It climbs like a mountain goat, it soaks up the chundery, techy descents, it excels at everything that I have thrown at it and every time I get on that bike, I love it even more.

    So, in short, go ride both if possible and see what feels best, but my vote is for Liv and Liv is a better bang for your buck.

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