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    Idea! What is the main difference between men's bikes and women's bikes?

    Many people don't know what is the main difference between men's bike and women bikes. Every day I receive a lot of questions about it. Now I will tell about the main differences between men's bikes and women's bikes. The main differences between men's bikes and women's bikes are the fit because women are shorter than men. The bike makers point out it's the main difference.
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    Once a person is above a certain height...the "gender" of the bike become irrelevant. Women specific bikes back in the day was to address shorter riders...in this case...most just happen to be women. "Shrink and Pink". With bike geometries becoming more progressive...WSD bikes are kind of counter productive. Most companies dropped their women's bike lines in favor of making XS frames or scaling down their small sized frames with 27.5 wheels to better suit shorter riders regardless of gender. The Juliana line are basically Santa Cruz frames with different paint jobs and different touch points. Giant still has the women's Liv line because well...they can afford it.

    My GF is 5'6" and rides medium bikes.

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    Most companies "women specific" bikes are actually identical to their men's bikes with the exception of colours, grips, seats and possibly the tune of the suspension.

    However, there are still companies that design women's bikes from the ground up and the frames on their women specific bikes do have different geometry to the frames of their "men's" bikes. Liv (Giant) and Canyon are two companies that believe in true women specific bikes. The difference in geometry is not based on height alone. According to Liv, women use their muscles differently, they have different power centres, they have lower centres of gravity and their leg/torso ratios are generally different than men's.

    I'm not arguing about whether or not women specific geo is necessary, or is better, or is anything, really, but having more choices in fit benefits everyone no matter their height/gender. I have a Liv and I've ridden the equivalent Giant, and they do feel like totally different bikes.

    I also really love to support companies that truly support women in sport rather than treating them as an after thought.

    Discounting women's specific bikes does a huge disservice to all.

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    ^ Agree with RS VR6 and mLeier's posts.

    Bianchi also has a Dama (women's) line, though mostly road bikes and cruisers, and the main things that change are the touch points. Shorter cranks, women's saddle, and I think the handlebars are narrower.

    I also agree that in the MTB world once you're of average/medium height, or taller, it becomes a moot point. Shorter riders will always have certain sizing challenges, as will tall riders.
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