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    What FS bike for a 5'1 105lb girl?

    My gf is looking to get into mountain biking. She's a roadie and a pretty decent one at that. Only been on dirt twice. She doesn't have much time to go demo bikes but is willing to spend up to 3k for a good bike.

    She's tiny. 5'1 and 105lbs.

    I don't really see her getting into the gnar anytime soon and I really think she'd benefit more from a pedal friendly bike than a bike with loads of travel but I don't want the bike to be the limiting factor. She's is the type of girl that says, "I want to try that!"

    I'm kinda eyeing the liv INTRIGUE 2 in XS but I think it has too much travel for the trails that surround us and for her experience level.

    Thanks guys!

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    I love, love, love my Liv Intrigue. I demoed a crap load of bikes last summer while looking for "the one". If you scroll though this forum, you will see a whole bunch of posts about bikes being recommended for women about the same height as your GF. I am 5'1".

    I found the Intrigue to be an amazing climber. It climbed better than the Pique (27.5", I haven't tried the 29er) which has less travel and it climbs waaaay better than my 2015 Liv Lust that only has 100 mm of travel front and back. I say go for it!

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    Oh, also, I ride it in a size small. I find the bigger bike to be more stable but try to have her sit on both sizes before buying.

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    I recommend the Juliana Furtado. There are others I like, too, but that's what my lady rides and unless she really intends to do some big terrain or XC only, the Furtado/5010 splits the baby nicely.

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    LIV XS are truly XS.

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    My 5'2" wife loves her Furtado but it's on the heavy side by a couple pounds IMO.

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    New Jeffsy Primus 26 has reach, wheelbase, and angles on par with Furtado XS, 2 lower stand over, nearly 1.5lb lighter, and much lighter on the pocket...

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    My wife is 5' 1" and is on an XS Diamondback Clutch (which is the same bike as the Release)... setup 130/130, 27.5. Was only able to fit a 100mm KS LEV dropper on it, but that's plenty for her.

    She loves it for the XC and light trail riding she does
    I like 'em long, low, slack and playful

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