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    What did you accomplish in 2012?

    While thinking about my goals for 2013, I couldn't help but think back on some of my accomplishments in 2012. This past year was kind of a "break out" year for me. After feeling like a noob the last few years, I finally started to feel like I was making real progress and that I might actually know what I was doing. Suddenly certain trails started becoming less intimidating and more like a fun challenge.

    I made it a point to try at least one new thing on each ride. One new thing quickly grew into several new things as the months went by. Peer pressure and wanting to keep up with my friends helped a lot. I would watch one friend in particular go over something and just like that video posted a while back, an "if she could do it, I could do it" mentality took over. And you know what, it worked! Several obstacles became "firsts" for me, and then gradually they became just a normal part of the trail. Where I once would hop off my bike and walk over or around something, I would now ride over with a big sh*t-eating grin on my face. I stopped worrying about stuff as much, and just started enjoying it all. I fell a whole lot less because I stopped panic-braking and used my momentum (you know, the stuff they tell you to do, but when fear takes over, you forget?).

    So, some things in particular:

    - Cleaning some log piles and logovers I used to always walk. Including a set of three in close succession on one trail.

    - Finally making some downhill switchbacks I'd crashed a number of times on.

    - Crossing bridges without getting off my bike

    - Cleaning some steeper, technical downhill trails for the first time without dabbing. There are a couple more I haven't done - that's for this year

    How about you? What are you proud of this past year?

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    I made some big improvements on my technical climbs (not without a few spectacular crashes, though). I attribute some of that to finally getting a 29er trail bike, but I think my fitness has improved, and I am getting better at looking ahead and picking my lines, also.

    Finally rode the South Boundary Trail outside of Taos. Had been wanting to get there for several years. We rode it in September and the weather and fall colors were great. It lived up the the hype and was an all-day, 30+ mile epic even with a shuttle.

    This year a trip to Durango is on the schedule. And I am racing the Gunnison 1/2 Growler in May with 7 friends, which should be a great time no matter how well or poorly I finish.
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    2012 was basically my first year of real singletrack riding. Prior to that I was riding a single loop of fire road on a sporadic basis. So I accomplished A LOT last year, and it felt great!
    (don't get me wrong, I'm soo far from being a really good rider).

    I started riding with a group. I'm often the only woman on the ride, and I am now completely comfortable with that.

    I started a beginner women's ride. So freaking fun! I can't believe the awesome ladies who came out of the woodwork.

    I can ride most* bridges without having a panic attack.

    I rode my first race (a 12-hour race). Definitely plan to do it again this year, and now I have some times to beat.

    One of the many things I love about this sport is that the room for improvement is endless, and I feel a sense of accomplishment on a frequent basis as I handle another hill or steep section without dabbing or pushing. I am competing against no one except myself.

    The other fantastic thing is the people I've met. I became an officer in the local mountain bike association and I participate in regular trail maintenance to give back to the community.
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    Absolutely Nothing......
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    Absolutely Nothing......
    I doubled that HA
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