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    Trail Bike for my Mom!

    Hey everyone- I need some ideas for the perfect trail bike for my mom. She's a cool lady and for her age, is a ripper. She has been MTB'ing for almost 10 years and is 65 years old now and she wants to get the perfect, top-of-the-line bike while she has good riding years left. She has good technical skills, fitness, and courage. She lives in Pisgah area NC (DuPont and easier Pisgah trails) but spends a lot of her time traveling in her trailer hitting trails around the country. Florida in the winter, rest of the country in the other seasons.

    Her progression of bikes has been: Schwinn Moab->Trek Fuel->Liv Intrigue. Complaints about her current bike are that its too heavy and that anytime the trail points uphill it bogs her down more than she feels it should. She wants something that feels sporty/responsive but can still handle her letting it open and eating chunk going downhill. She says that if she would have discovered mountain biking when she was 20 that she would have raced downhill world cups...if that lets you know her mentality.

    In my opinion, she should get something with 120-140mm rear travel that has good anti-squat/pedaling platform built into it. She has tried 29r and wants to stick with 27.5. Relaxed/stable geometry is needed for her safety (who's the parent now?!) but should able to ride twisty xc trails too. Prefers to carbon, and we will probably get frame only and build it up. She 5'5.5" and weighs probably 125-130

    Some frames ive thought of:
    Spot Rollik 557 (think the 607 is too big)
    Transition Scout
    Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt (BC edition?)
    Knolly Endorphin (I ride knolly but may not pedal well enough for her)

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    Hmm, 57 year old female ripper here. Interesting, I ride the Intrigue, but I've got the Carbon wheeled version and have no trouble with the weight. I switched out the suspension for a 130-160 Pike on the front and 150 (?) Monarch on the back. That being said, I really want full carbon and have been talking tech to my favorite LBS guy. Lots of my friends love the Yeti Beti.... I personally am on the fence and need to demo on my home turf. The Juliana Robuion and (men's) trance are on my shortlist. Lots of steep rock where I ride so I like having more trouble. Dang, I wish my son would build me a bike. My son wants me to teach him to ride (I instruct) so that's pretty cool too. Good luck.

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    Ibis Mojo 3 would fit the bill here too, as well as the suggestions formica made

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    #badassoldbitches #aarpsuckit are the hash tags my group of old lady riders use. If your mom instagrams she should use them too!

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    I haven't got one (yet), but a Pivot Mach 4 Carbon sounds perfect. Also, have you checked out Santa Cruz' lineup? Santa Cruz is a great company, and they
    really stand behind their products. Lastly, sign up your mom to mtbr and get her on here. We'd love to talk directly to her! Trail Bike for my Mom!-screenshot_2018-06-16-13-24-47-1.jpg
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    This was crossposted to All Mountain. I think he settled on the Kona Hei Hei.

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