Should I be offended?-
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    Should I be offended?

    I think I was just mansplained to by a woman because I am old.

    On one of my favorite climbs yesterday I just wasn't feeling it and stopped to take a breather. A young woman coming downhill soon appeared, so I took another step off the trail. Mostly I was trying to give a fellow rider room to avoid a large boulder, on the other side of which was a steep drop-off. The downhill rider chirps, "I can get off and walk if that would make you more comfortable." She didn't add the sobriquet "Gramps", but it was implied by her tone.

    Should I be offended.
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    Why are you doing this?

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    No, you were not mansplained, and only you can determine if you were offended.

    Definition of mansplain
    mansplained; mansplaining
    transitive + intransitive
    of a man
    : to explain something to a woman in a condescending way that assumes she has no knowledge about the topic

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