Need help finding a bike for Mother's birthday.-
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    Need help finding a bike for Mother's birthday.

    So, my Moms Birthday is coming up in June. And my Dad came up with a great idea to get her a new bike.

    I need some help deciding what would be the best options available to her.

    She wants to exercise more and she has a really good flat paved trail by her as-well. I've taken her riding there myself and the whole thing round trip is about 10 miles.

    I haven't decided if it would be best to buy her the bike and surprise her or bring her to a bike shop than tell her we are buying her a new bike.

    But, I need recommendations. I am thinking a easy bike to ride and comfortable would be best. Maybe a step-though.


    Specialized Roll
    Specialized CrossRoads 2.0
    Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte
    Trek Verve

    Budget is a max of $700

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: Also she had a spinal fusion years ago. So something easy on the back is key. I updated the list to be more focused. Kinda surprised no one has chimed in yet...
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    Umm, Should this topic be moved or something?

    Also, I am having serious problems. I have been frantically trying to find a shop with ACTUAL bikes in stock and cannot find anything in a small frame.

    The soonest I have found, was one shop said June 22 they would get a small frame in but that's after her Birthday.

    It's not even a matter of finding the right bike but just finding one in the right size. I found two large frames but they would be way too big for her.

    This is nuts

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    Welp, I guess this post was pointless.

    I ended up finding a Med Frame Norco Scene 3 in Sunburst Yellow. Like I said she is 5'4" so she is right on the edge of Small and Medium so I hope it will be just fine.

    I am really happy I found this bike. It wasn't even in their system. When I called I just asked if they had any step though's. And they had this one and another Med in grey.

    I love the fact the Norco has the disc brakes and its a 7 speed.
    And it was under budget! OTD was $610.

    So, here's hoping it fits her fine. And a shout out to Valley Bike & Ski. I am just so happy to have been able to even find a bike for her before her birthday.

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    Glad you were able to find something! Sorry no one chimed in earlier. Hope it fits and that she loves it!

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    Thanks, Yeah we gave it to her and she loves it. But I am rather upset. Unfortunately because of the situation I wasn't able to test the bike out. Though they didn't even offer as much.

    When we called in and told them we were coming for the bike they said they were going to hold it for us. You would think they would have looked the bike over in the 2 hours we were driving. But when we got there we had to sit outside and wait.

    When they were finally ready to help us we went straight to the bike which was on the floor. We double checked if they thought the sizing would be fine. And they agreed. They took the bike in the back to be looked over as one of the rotors was bent. Less than 5min later the bike was back and we were checked out.

    Granted I will take some responsibility as we were in a time crunch. And I didn't double check the bike. We just drove the bike back and left it at my sisters place until the birthday party.

    Picked it out the night before and brought it to my parents house. The day of she was really surprised and I am glad to say she loved the bike. But after her first ride she pointed out a clunk. I took it for a ride and yep a clunk. I looked at it and it turned out to be a miss aligned derailleur. Fixed that took for another ride and we also got squeaky breaks... Looked at them and it only happens in one point so ether the rotor is still bent or there is oil on it.

    Still this annoys me. They had 2 hours to get this bike ready and they did nothing. It really pissed me off. I was already nervous about the Med frame being she was so close. Turns out she is actually 5'2" so she SHOULD be on a SM frame. But after sizing the bike for her she has a good 4 inches on the seat post. Her back is straight and she isn't reaching for the bars. So I think it should be okay.

    What really worries me is the fact the shop we got it from is so far away from her. I really wish we could have found a bike a little closer.

    Part of me want to return the thing just so she can get one closer to her... idk I am just annoyed.

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    Unfortunately had to return the bike. We finally got time to bring the bike down to get fixed. But they could not fix the brakes.

    And one person was really annoying me. Saying that he couldn't hear anything. And that Disc brakes rub and we should deal with it. It might go away on its own but it it didn't we should just replace the rotor. Which of course would have ben past our return window meaning we would have to flip the bill to have it fixed ourselves.

    Had another person ride the bike they too said they couldn't tell. I literally lifted the back tire and spun the wheel. And sure enough a audible noise from one spot of the rotor was very present. He had the dumbest look on his face and was just like "Oh, yeah that is noticeable"

    They tried to straighten the rotor again and had my Mother ride the bike and she said it was actually louder now.

    They actually tried upselling us on another Scene that was $250 more expensive.

    And when we were not interested especially when my Mother heard how much we spent on the bike. They told us with frames like these the brake are going to be out of alignment because the frames flex so much. Which I call bs on.

    Oh and get this we also found a large paint chip that I did not notice before. good lord

    I need to find another bike now. And I don't know if I even want disc brakes anymore. Which was the biggest selling point for me with the Norco Scene.

    I am going to make a new topic in another thread.
    I have allot of questions so I am hoping a different thread might be a little more lively.

    This thread can probably be deleted as I doubt anyone will find it of any use.
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