Liv Tempt 1 (27.5) vs Specialized Chisel Comp (29) for a 5'2" rider-
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    New question here. Liv Tempt 1 (27.5) vs Specialized Chisel Comp (29) for a 5'2" rider

    I'm a long time road cyclist who's dabbled in mountain biking previously, always renting bikes to hit the trails with friends.

    I recently moved out to Colorado, and I'm looking to buy my first bike. The top reason for buying is to hit the many dirt trails/roads around here, including some big (and sometimes steep) climbs. My road bike just can't handle that much dirt, and I really want to get out and explore all these side trails!

    I also love fast, flowy singletrack, and would like a bike that can manage that. I'm leaning towards a hardtail bike that can climb well with the hope that in a couple years I can get a full squish for more technical trails. I've felt fairly confident on trails I've ridden (mostly blues and easy blacks), though I've got a ton to learn and I've definitely walked a bunch of black sections when riding with friends. I tend towards being more aggressive rider in general, and I'm on my road bike ~3,000mi a year. However, I'm still fairly new to mountain biking.

    I think I've narrowed it down to two bikes, and I've tested (and like) both:
    - Liv Tempt 1
    - Specialized Chisel Comp 2019 (women's) (there's a deal at my LBS) (just to show specs)

    BUT, one LBS told me to stay off the 29ers for my height, while the other encouraged me to consider a 29er for the type of riding I'm interested in. The standover on the Chisel XS frame is fine for me, though the Liv is even lower.

    So, wondering if anyone has opinions on either bike, or can add to the 27.5 vs 29 debate for shorter riders. I've read a lot of the previous posts on several of the forums, so I know it's a hot issue. But would be curious for any additional thoughts for my situation! Thank you!

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    I have a 2019 Tempt 3 and love it. I only tried out a few bikes but feel in love with this one. The colors were a big factor for me. I never tried any of the Specialized bikes so I can't compare the two.

    The bad thing about this hobby is you will always buy another bike. I started a few years ago and now have three. Two are Liv, one was a cheap WalMart bike that I got to test the waters before spending more money on another hobby.

    It should come down to what you like. Every rider is different. Every trail is different. Every trail is ran different each time.

    No opinion on tire size. My Tempt has the 27.5 tires and I'm happy with them.
    Will swerve for leaves.

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