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    Leatt Knee Guard 3DF

    Hi All,

    Have any of you used the Leatt knee guard 3DF? Impressions?

    Any other suggestions for a knee pad that is comfortable to pedal in for technical trail rides.


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    I like my POC.

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    POC Air VPD or the plain old VPD have served me well.

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    I'll second the POCs, I have the Air VPD. I tired on two different sizes of the Fox, but the fabric bunched in the back of my knee and I knew this would be an issue.

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    I'm not a woman, I'll leave it to you to decide whether that matters for knee pads.

    I tried out POCs for a couple rides, owned Fox Launch Pros, and now have Dainese trail skins. The Daineses are the only ones I've actually kept wearing every ride, even in hot weather. Decent coverage -- not DH-worthy, but the right compromise for me. I've crash tested them a lot recently and they've done great and are showing little wear. (I know I sound like a sales rep; I'm not). A downside: hard to find shorts long enough keep your above-the-knees covered when you ride.

    I haven't used the Leatt pads, so I can't compare them. Looking at them, I'd be concerned that they would be hot enough that I'd end up not wearing them on warm days. Airflow.

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    Update. I found a shop that had the Leatt's and I am glad I was able to try them on as I would have ordered the wrong size. I am small, but have cyclist legs. They are really comfy to pedal in and what I really like is that there is some space under the patella so that when I pedal it does not compress my patella in flexion, which has caused me issue with other pads. They stayed put with the one upper strap and silicon grip. I was riding in warmish weather, low 80's and they were tolerable. I did not test their crash protection abilities, but I think they will be good for chunky trail/all mountain rides.

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