Help me choose a hardtail?-
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    Help me choose a hardtail?

    Hi Ladies, I need some help! I have analysis paralysis and Iím afraid I am never going to pick something.
    Upgrading from my 2004 26Ē GF Big Sur. Looking for a light, fast hardtail. I donít race, just want a fun bike for the trails near me which are mostly XC, not super technical. Looking in $2000-2500 range and I am about 5í4Ē. Thoughts about these or ideas on others to look at? Iím having trouble finding bikes my size to actually try near me....
    - Trek Procaliber 9.6
    - Kona Hongo AL/DL
    - Cannondale FSi 5 (didnít love the fit though)
    - Santa Cruz Chameleon
    - Liv Advanced

    How do I decide, especially if I canít find them to try???

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    Trying to buy a new bike when you can't find any near you to test ride is a real pain

    I think some of the mail order companies offer returns if you don't like the bike (Canyon springs to mind) so you could order one with the specs you like, test it for fit when you get it and then return it if it doesn't fit right. Of course that doesn't tell you much about how it'll ride. If you like the fit of your current bike you could make a spreadsheet and try to find one with a similar geometry, though you'll probably actually want different geometry if you're upgrading from a 2004 bike. At least you can get an idea on reach though... modern bikes will have shorter stems but longer frames than your current bike, so bear that in mind.

    Definitely don't buy the one you don't like the fit of though!

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    mjrnnr, I am pretty sure they will all be fun, provided you order the right size. Do you have a local bike shop you trust? If so, go with what they carry and the size they recommend. But be an educated consumer and know what the brand recommends for sizing too. If one calls to you based on its sexy lines, spec, fork, or color, that's OK too. I don't claim to have any knowledge of those models, but the brands are trusted and the bike biz is pretty competitive, so you won't get a bad deal.

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    Help me choose a hardtail?

    I really like my small Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead. It's light, it's ridiculously fast, and as long as you don't mind steel, it has a lot of compliance for a hardtail.

    I have mine setup for snow, but you could run it as a 650B+ or a 29er. It would be a serious kick-butt bike.

    Iím 5í4Ē if that helps.
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    I haven't tried one, but I'd love to test a Salsa Woodsmoke. And barring that, the carbon Specialized Fuse is a great bike. The thing almost propels itself uphill.

    My fit is too different from yours to help with that, except that I am pretty good at reading a geometry chart.
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