club jersey for narrow shoulder flat chest skinny build AND tight rear pockets?-
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    club jersey for narrow shoulder flat chest skinny build AND tight rear pockets?

    We've come up with nothing, and was hoping for a new lead on a short sleeve cycling jersey.

    My riding partner has narrow shoulders, small arms, and a very flat chest. She's 5'6" and about 115 pounds. A long distance runner build.

    She's not a fan of hydration packs and doesn't want a pro/aero cut, yet prefers tight jersey pockets to keep her phone, food, snacks, extra bottle, etc from shifting & swaying. But the women's jerseys she's tried that are not a pro/aero cut all have a loose fitting hem and loose pockets.

    Maybe we're searching for a unicorn. Is there a brand or model of jersey (can be full zip or partial zip) with minimal marketing/logos that we should research? A club fit with rear pockets that keep items tightly enclosed?

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    Thank you. We'll check it out.

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    I'm not sure I'd like the material for MTB, and the cost, but (U.S. Site) may run a tad small.
    My ex girlfriend would size up because of chest size. Maybe size down, or the normal size, would fit her.
    They do have a few MTB jerseys too, but the fabric for their road lineup is amazing.
    They run limited designs, perhaps you can fine a bargain price small jersey when they close out one of the designs. My ex is 5'4 / 110lbs. I believe she was wearing a medium because of the smaller jersey chest size. I have no idea how much truth is behind the 'need a bigger jersey because of....', but that's the story her and her friend used. I prefer a snug road jersey....these jerseys' were not quite as snug as my preference, however the material is soft and stretch, maybe it felt looser because it wasn't constricting.

    Good luck!

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    Smaller men's jersey?
    Tech T that fits and add pockets?

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    since bibs with pockets are a thing for mtb, maybe something like that would do what she wants and avoid the jersey fit issues? of course, assuming the bibs that offer these kinds of pockets fit

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