Breast milk not affected by most medications, scientists say-
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    Breast milk not affected by most medications, scientists say

    For years, doctors and nursing mothers have struggled with the question of what medications are safe to take while a mother is breast feeding. Few mothers are willing to enter case studies when the health of their infant could be at stake. However, the American Academy of Pediatricians and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have officially released a report saying most medications and vaccinations will not affect breast milk.

    Breast milk impacts health and development

    Along with their new report, the AAP and FDA are proposing changes to medication labels changing the “nursing mothers” section to say “lactation.” This change will help mothers and doctors find the right information when making decisions about what drugs are safe to take. Breast feeding has long been known to have significant benefits for both mother and baby. Among other things, it impacts an infant’s immune system, IQ, and developmental milestones.

    Dr. Hari Cheryl Sachs, a pediatrician and leader of the pediatric and maternal health team at the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said, “Because we know that breast feeding has both developmental and health benefits for the mom and baby, we are encouraging research in this area so physicians can make informed decisions about how best to treat their patients.

    Labels changed to reflect existing science

    Lactation consultant and spokeswoman for La Leche League International, Diana West said of the announcement, “The general takeaway message—that most drugs are compatible with breast feeding, that mothers don’t have to wean to take drugs and that the labels should accurately reflect the science—is really great news and progress for breast feeding mothers.”

    Blanket statement called into question

    Before now, drug companies mostly just issued blanket statements saying pregnant and lactating women should not consume any of their products. However, Thomas Hale, director of the InfantRisk Center at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, said mostly this just meant drug companies hadn’t bothered to do their homework. For instance, Zoloft contains the same blanket statement, but a study of 60 breast feeding mothers showed almost no transfer of the substance to the breast milk. He added, “We now know that the risk of untreated depression is far, far worse than the risk of taking a drug.”

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    Source: Most Medications OK During Breast-Feeding, Report Says: MedlinePlus

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    Breast milk not affected by most medications, scientists say

    I was thinking that my infant was almost depressed so having almost no Zoloft in the breast milk may be the right amount. As far as
    I concerned la leche league is a bunch of breast milk nazis and my kids would have been dead if we listened to them.

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    how is that not spam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by acer66 View Post
    how is that not spam?
    I've reported it x2 as spam

    Has all the signs of spam to me
    F*ck Cancer

    Eat your veggies

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    Breast milk not affected by most medications, scientists say

    I never noticed the difference ! Lol
    Chances are .. You're full of [email protected]&?

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