they ever get it right?-
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    3,044 they ever get it right?

    This is the second time I've ordered from Supergo this year....and the second time the order was totally screwed up.

    The items I ordered were killer deals....but slow shipping(not shipping items for 2-3 days),sending via ground when I asked for 2 day, coupon discount not taken.

    The first time it took 4 calls to straighten out the billing...I've got 3 calls in on this order and still don't have any product.

    I wish Performance had these products...I've never had a problem with them.

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    i still can't believe supergo wanted to charge me $1 per spoke for 14g dt champions. what's so expencive about staight gauge stainless?
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    I've ordered three things from them over the years and they got all three 'right'.

    1. pair of supergo baggy shorts, correct item arrived in a couple days
    2. bought a niterider blowtorch for $239 (yup, sale price + coupon code) and
    it arrived in about a week.
    3. Ordered the transport bike rack for $220 and it came in about a week.

    I have also bought stuff on sale from their stores for cheap.

    So my overall opinion of them is that they are ok.

    I like JensonUSA better though, they are right down the road from me
    and the guys that work there have good customer service.

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    I ordered a wheelset from them and all was fine. it took about 10 days longer than expected to get them though.

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    lets start a mass boycott. thatll teach em
    All Mountain was so 2005

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    I ordered a complete bike through their website, and other than underestimating the shipping charge, the order was processed properly and the bike arrived within a week.

    Still use Jenson or Nashbar for most everything else.


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    well i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but so far it's not going so well. i took advantage of their 20% off coupon on friday and decided to buy a new polar hrm. i got 2nd day air shipping on it because i figured it would ship after the holiday (tuesday) and i'd get it by thursday in plenty of time for the weekend. today i thought it was strange i haven't heard anything from them so i went to the site to check my order. the item is now listed as backordered, and won't be available until july 18th!!! this is absolutely outrageous. i could fly to the netherlands and pick the damn thing up from polar directly in half that time. not to mention, doesn't supergo have something like a dozen retail stores? this item isn't available anywhere they operate for 2 months?!?

    when i placed the damn order it said very clearly the item was in stock. i don't know what bothers me more, the fact that an in stock item is suddenly backordered for months AFTER i ordered it, or that they have yet to say boo to me on the subject. i sent their customer service dept an email asking for an explanation, but so far they have not responded...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrekFan
    when i placed the damn order it said very clearly the item was in stock. .
    The same thing happened to me when I ordered the Scat CFR Double in stock on Thursday when I orderded, in stock on Friday, now backordered and no bike for me.

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    Knock on wood..........

    but I haven't had any problems with Supergo. I think the main variable for me is that when I have ordered from them I never do it online. Always call, they still accept coupon codes and you can sit on the line with them as they enter the order in the system and make sure everything is correct (Right address, shipping method, product def. in stock) I have dealt with a woman named Linda there a couple of times and she is super nice.

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