I was looking for a cheap crankset (actually I was looking for a chainring, but when I saw the prices on those I decided just to go for a crankset) so I looked at REI, knowing they have the $20 off coupon.

When I added the Deore Crankset to my cart, I notice this link:


which said if I buy any 3 of the drivetrain components shown, I'd get 10% off the whole shebang. So I added a couple of chains, and it took 10% off all three. Then at checkout I put in the coupon code WNTPT and it took another $20 off my order. Pretty good deal.

REI's website calculates things in a funny way, so if either promotion gets your order under $100, they won't let you use WNTPT. If that happens, just add something else to your order to get it over $100 and they'll let you use it. The way it worked for me was that 1 Deore Crankset and 3 PC58 chains came to $122.05 with tax and 2 day shipping. So I added a 4th PC58 to my cart, and then with taxes and 2 day shipping my total came to $113.60.

In the end, I purchased the Deore Crankset and 1 PC58 from Nashbar for $66.81 after their 10% off coupon because their prices were lower and their 2 day shipping was half as much as REI's.

But if you don't mind waiting like 2 weeks for instore pickup, you might get a good deal from REI, if the components you need are included in their promotion.