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    Jenson's Customer Service?

    Anyone have any experience with their CS? I just got off the phone with a rep about a problem with Avid Flak Jacket cable housing. Essentially, the rep wasn't very helpful and said I could send them back and see what happens? Sounds like a big waste of time and money on my part.

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    Next time buy it at LBS and then you won't have to ship it back.

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    I have ordered both online and in person at Jenson and they have been nothing but helpful. Your situation seems rather unique. Perhaps you can call back and get clearer answers from them, although I'm not sure the nature of your problem. It seems like you got one of the rookies on the line and you should take to someone more experienced.

    As for the previous reply to your post, it's absurd to answer you with that statement. Perhaps you don't live close to any LBS or Jenson offers a much better deal (which is often true). Better that he doesn't answer at all.

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    I thought they were really helpful anytime I have ever had to deal with them


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    They've been really friendly the three times I've called 'em.

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    That sounds like the jenson of 8 years ago...
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    Jenson have been very helpful to me. As an international customer it is very important that I can really trust a shop (and get refunded if they stuff up shipping charges). Universal cycles likewise helpful. BB not.

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    I had a real pain in the ass buying a helmet from them once. Just saying.

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    I've only had really good experiences with their CS, and that includes a return. They took back a pair of pedals no questions asked.

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    Good job! Customer Service Rep Jeff rocks!!

    I just got off the phone with them after a Shimano 73 chain blew apart on my new Cross Check. The bike was a build through them. Even though I hate Shimi's chains I figured I'd give this one a try...less than 30 miles of MUT and hard pack, away it went.

    Now this is the thing. I was a bit pissed about the whole deal. When I go the bike the bar tape looked as if a four thumbed monkey wrapped it and used a roll of electrical tape to finish was also wrapped outside in. My LBS fixed it for me, no charge, I spend plenty there too..there was a little WTF when I showed up wit the bike, but they were happy to help tune and fit it. So when the chain popped yesterday I was ready to throw the entire bike in the river....I was able to splice the chain back togerher, cutting out the bad links and managed to get back home. I got on the phone to Jenson, mind you I was still reeling in Red. I talked to Jeff from Jenson. I have to give this guy props because he was as professional as they come, even with my flying off the handle. He simply asked me to take some pictures of the chain and email them. He just called me back about 10 minutes ago and told me the Shimi is out of stock, and offered the SRAM 971. They are both in the same price point, plus I prefer SRAM. From the time it took me to hang up the phone and log into my Jenson account the change was made and it showed the chain set to deliver tonight, no cost.

    So, if I was able to get customer service like that, acting the way I did, anyone who doesn't get good service really has some personal issues. I would have told a guy like me calling in to go look in the middle of the 6 lane highway for the lost pin and send it into the shop...maybe that's why I'm no longer in sales.

    Jenson, 99% of the time get's my Customer Award and the customer service rep that handled my case, Jeff, gets my Customer Service Award ....

    Jenson, give this kid a raise!!!
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    Another vote for good experiences with their CS and shipping.

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    I ordered from them for the first time yesterday. I am rebuilding my 2002 rock shox forks but didn't know exactly what i needed. I called them up someone answered I asked my question. He said hold on let me ask around. 1 min later he gave me the part number to search on the site and said this is the one you need. We'll see when the order comes in but even my stupid LBS didn't know what i needed and I have been waiting 2 months now for them to hear from rock shox. So far jenson gets a thumbs up from me.

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