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    Flexy 29er wheel help

    I have a 29er rear wheel that is flexy as heck. I built it on the super cheapskate. I basically recycled a slightly tacoed DT Swiss X470 hoop that I managed to tweak back fairly straight.

    I'm 200#, and ride mostly XC stuff with some high country rocky stuff on occasion. I don't typically have a problem with warping light XC rims.

    I have the spokes as tight as I feel I can get, but if I take the bike, one foot on a crank arm, lean at an angle and apply foot pressure, the spokes actually go slack enough that the nipples become unseated. Sometimes when I ride, I can hear the nipples ticking while riding off camber stuff or hard corner railing. Not good for a long lasting wheel. I'll probalby end up breaking nipples or spokes if I ride it long enough.

    So here's the build:

    DT Swiss X470 hoop, was slightly warped, straightened and sleeve joint re-tightened (it was starting to seperate when I was trying to tweak it back straight).

    DT Swiss 14/15 double butted spokes, were 295mm cut down and new threads rolled with a Phil Wood spoke machine to 291mmm and 293mm (yes, I have access to a real spoke machine! )

    DT Swiss alloy nipples, later replaced with brass with m4 washers under the nipples in case they were running out of thread.

    Wheelsmith Spoke Prep on the original lacing... later added some anti-sieze grease for smoother tightening.

    Sunrace Juju disc hubs with regular QRs.

    I think I know the answer to all of this. I'm starting to think this wheel is hopeless. Maybe I should just get one of those WTB wheels with a Laserdisc lite hub for $160 from Nashbar... make this a backup wheel. I basically spend $50 building both wheels, including buying the rear hub... I already had the front in my parts bin.

    I think another part of my problem is that DT Swiss x470 rims tend to be kinda soft, FWIU.

    Anybody have any ideas, or am I just hosed?
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    how did this end up here?

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