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    WTB wolverine - any experience?

    i am considering wtb wolverines, mainly because they are available in 27.5 as well as 29er size.

    are they any good? how do they work in mud and wet roots?

    any experience wil be highly welcome. thanks!

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    They grip good in dry. Not a very good wet weather tire IMO very slick on wet roots.

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    I also found them to be a good dry conditions tire. They slip on wet roots and rocks very easily, and clogged with damp soil and mud easily too. I was also able to spin the rear on climbs kind of easily. They worked very well tubeless on Flow 29ers. I think they're a good tire, just not a good tire for Vermont.

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    I have been using them front and back and they feel great (came from nev front, sb8 rear).

    They roll pretty darn fast but I definitely have to be a little more deliberate leaning the bike and weighting the front on corners to keep the front from washing out on aggressive corners. I really enjoy how the rounder profile feels though.They sealed up tubeless great as well.

    All in all they are an ace tire for the rear but you might want a slightly more aggressive tread in the front depending on how aggressive you ride.

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    I've had one on the back (26") for a year now. Don't know how they do when wet because it hasn't rained here since I bought them. The trails I ride consist of dry hardpack, limestone rocks, gravel, and now loose silty dust (Austin's trails are disintegrating in this drought). This tire has performed very well for me. Although a year later this tire is done. The center tread does start to show signs of wear sooner than I would like, but then I ride a lot of pavement to the trails. As "ALS650L" stated they can spin out on steep climbs especially once they've worn down a bit. And once they slip, they don't seem to hook back up. I've also learned that this tire likes to be leaned a lot. It's taken me a while to realize it, but if it starts to feel sketchy on the corners, it's because I'm not leaning it over enough. It's a subtle thing though, the tire still does well at all angles. My main problem with it is that it's actually too wide for my chainstays. So, it rubs when cornering a little bit. I ride an XC racing hardtail, so trying to fit a fat 2.2 tire is pushing it. If this wasn't an issue I'd probably buy another one.

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    riding one on rigid 8 spd, and had it on my 575 before that. super fast tire for dry conditions, prob not ideal for wet. issues with wearing at much too fast a rate. ridic. i've had other rear oriented tires that last for years, not months. but that's what southern california rocks and gravel will do to a rear tire. other than fast wear, great tire for xc, going fast. nice and wide, tool, lots of volume.

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