Hello and happy new year MTBR. I rarely post but am a bit perplexed. I recently purchased a pair of new 700x42 WTB Resolutes for my Niner RLT SS for an upcoming monster cross race. They appear to be advertised on wtb's site at 460g in this size and all the reviews I have found online put them at or even below advertised weight. Well either there was a recent design change, I've been looking at the wrong sizes in reviews, or my pair was made on a Friday afternoon because both of mine weight in at over 510g a piece with one weighing over 520g.

Im not really a weight weenie but a quarter pound of additional rubber in outer rotating reight wont do my out of shape butt any favors over the upcoming 50 mile SS attempt lol.

Has anyone else run these tires and have any other data points for comparison? Perhaps this fluctuation is typical? I sent WTB an inquiry asking for feedback and verification so I'll see what / if I hear back. Thanks for any info you can provide!WTB tire weights? New 700x42 Resolutes Way off?-20181228_174350.jpg

WTB tire weights? New 700x42 Resolutes Way off?-screenshot_20181228-195014_chrome.jpg