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OK, so I've had my first big problem with the Weyless XP Pro from Supergo and more specifically with the WTB Laser Disk Lite rear hub. I was out riding on Saturday (probably the 7th or 8th ride on the bike), and all of a sudden my freewheel body stopped turning backwards properly. Trying to backpedal to set the cranks in proper position to start, the chain would just slack and the freehub wouldn't move. I took the rear wheel off the bike and, sure enough, although it wasn't siezed, the freewheel was rotating back really hard. No way I could ride it in that condition really, because it would develop lots of chain slop any time I tried to coast or backpedal. I figured I could ride it out as long as I kept a steady pressure on the cranks and pedaled the whole time. This stopped working too though. The cranks started slipping and the ratcheting system in the rear hub no longer worked for forward movement either.

I called WTB to ask about it, and the tech there thought that the teeth on the freehub body had broken. He said that this can happen sometimes if the area is packed with too much grease (sounds strange), but that the pawls should be fine. He said he could send me a new freehub body, if necessary, but that I should probably go through Supergo.

I called Supergo to find out how to ship the wheel back to them, and the customer service rep immediately told me to ship the bike back to them. I said waitaminute, it's just the rear hub, I just want a new wheel. She again insisted that I send the whole bike back because the wheels come with it from the factory. I said that is ridiculous, go through the factory and get me a new wheel. It's not a good solution for either of us for me to send the whole bike back. Supergo would have to pay for shipping twice (once back to them and once back to me), and I'd be without my bike, which I'm currently still riding with a different rear wheel. She agreed that it didn't make sense for either of us and said she would look into the issue and get back to me on it. That was yesterday. I'm currently waiting for her call back.

Last night I picked up a 19mm cone wrench and opened up the hub following the instructions on the American Standard website (WTB licensed the hub technology from them). The WTB warantee guy was absolutely correct, I didn't really see any problems with the pawls, but many of the teeth on the freehub body where it mates with the pawls were chipped and broken off. I'm pretty unimpressed with its durability so far. I don't think the rear freehub ratcheting system should fracture due to little more than a half dozen rides.

As an aside, the freehub body splines are gouged in where the SRAM cassette mates to it. It's much more pronounced at the bigger sprockets closer to the hub where there is more torque. I think this is a miss-match of components. The SRAM cassette is just individual sprockets bolted together. This extra light freehub should have an XT cassette with it because of the XT cassettes carrying spider for the bigger sprockets to distribute the load force over a wider area of the splines. Be prepared to have one hell of a tough time getting the cassette off the freehub when you need to upgrade or replace it (or send your wheel back or replace your freehub body!). I managed to pry it off with my chainwhip. I would suggest putting an XT cassette on it. I wish SRAM made a cassette with a carrying spider.

We'll see how Supergo and WTB handle this and I'll keep the thread updated. I think it's interesting that Supergo has linked to this thread from the XP Pro's description page for marketing purposes. I wonder how long that will last now!