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    New question here. Would you ride on these rims?

    Take a look at the pics. This is a result of a crash during which my bar dug into the ground hard and I am guessing the front rim was leveraged against the ground and the twisting force tried to pull about 4 spokes out of the rim as you can see the rim deforming at the spoke on the right (this was on alternating spokes all from the same side of the hub).
    Would you ride on these rims?-wheel.jpgWould you ride on these rims?-wheel2.jpg

    The wheel is badly out of true and I'm not sure I even feel comfortable riding it as you can see some cracking around the nipples, the pictures are just from one of the nipples, but all 4 look the same. These are We Are One Agent rims, by the way.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Would you ride on these rims?-wheel1.jpg  

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    No! Than again if you are just rolling down the driveway but then that is not really riding. So No!

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    It probably won't true up so you'll get a new wheel anyway.
    If it does true then you can look at it like it took a huge hit and survived so it's capable of being OK for less. I'd ride it but start getting a replacement right away.

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    Depends on lots of things but for me, the terrain I ride and consequences if a wheel suddenly grenades ain't worth the chance. Plus, being 59 and weighing 220lbs makes it an easy decision for that wheel to become wall art in my garage.
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    no, don't ride it

    I'd disassemble and send the hoop to we are one for analysis and if it is possible to repair, but looks toast
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    I just got off the phone with Dustin @ We Are One and they are going to warranty the rim, just $30 for the shipping, easy as that. I can't say enough good things about WAO, they are the real deal.

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    That first picture is scary as hell if its pulled apart like it look to have. No chance I'd ride that any faster than I would be willing to scrape my face against the ground.

    Glad they took care of you, sounds like a really good deal.

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