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    Wheelbuilders - question

    Laced up a set of wheels for my CX bike, and was rushing the job a bit, and made a mistake.
    28 hole, 2x build. My mistake, which I discovered when riding the bike, was that I did NOT over/under the leading spoke when lacing. So, the trailing and leading spokes stayed on their respective planes from the hub flange to the rim. The crosses were fine just past the flange, and ~ 2" past the flange, but I just flat forgot to cross the leading spoke under (or over, I forget) the already installed trailing.

    Now, what would that really do? I assume it would weaken the lateral stability of the wheel, or would it?!??
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    Re-lace them the right way.
    how bad the wrong way is may just be speculation, but not worth to try out to leave it wrong.
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    Already did. I'm just curious.

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    There are commercial wheels where the cross spokes do not bear on each other. Personally, I don't think it makes any difference.
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    It's traditional, like tying and soldering which also does nothing to improve the strength of modern wheels.
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    Since the bracing angle is slightly different on alternating spokes, the tension will be slightly different. I built a cx wheelset with no interlacing and rode it for years with no problems. But if I sell that set I'll probably interlace it so the buyer doesn't hassle me about it.

    The theory I've heard is that if one spoke goes a little slack, the tension from the crossing spoke will help it stay tensioned a little bit.

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